Rooting for Team Rx on the Amazing Race 26

The Amazing Race 26 I love the Amazing Race and have been watching it since the first season. Just hearing the theme song makes me excited already thinking of the adventures that is to come. I am happy to be able to watch the show still even though I am already married and busy with…


Six and Nine

These two pictures were taken by the Belgian family when Mira was 6 and 9 months old. I love them. Not only the picture was great but it gives me a different perspective of how she looks in the eyes of others. P.S. The nose is definitely from Mama. No question about it.


Mercure Roeselare and De Normandie

We spent a weekend in Belgium because it was my nephew’s first communion and to my surprise, it was considered a big deal over there. We traveled via easyjet which we booked 2 months earlier and the flight cost only 205 euro for Mann, Mira and me. The flight was from Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF)to…


Walk in the Park

Spring / Summer is here and I love it. Late afternoon, we try to do some sport and it usually involves a walk / jog in the park and playing badminton. Nowadays though with Mira in tow, we bring a mat for her to sit in the middle of our badminton tournament. I love the…


Meißen Tierpark

I have a new interest in life – taking photos of animals in the zoo / animal parks we visited starting at Meißen Tierpark. Like children, it is quite a challenge to capture that one good shot at exactly the right moment but when you do, ah! Priceless. Of course, animals in such places are…


While She was Sleeping

Papa took this picture while Mira und Mama were sleeping! Mama took this picture while Mira und Papa were sleeping! P.S.  Yes, we do sleep a lot.  Title was inspired by the movie “While You were Sleeping”. I like Sandra Bullock. :)


Etiquette Guide to the Philippines by the Posadas

Those with lesser educational attainment or underprivileged upbringings have more of a tendency to be guided by emotions rather than logic. They often resort to hints or suggestions, which you will need to interpret Hmm, but women sometimes has a tendency to be emotional, illogical and or exaggerate things to the highest level regardless of…


Happy Momma Day to Karlota

It is the first time that I get to join this celebration so thought to make a drama about it by writing a post. My sister asked me what I received today and my first thought was: Muta (eye boogers)! Nyahaha. Seriously, Mann and I do not necessarily buy material things as gifts during ocassions…


Rhabarberkuchen mit Vanille Pudding

Mann brought home a kilo of rhabarber one day and gave me a mission: to make a kuchen out of it. O. K. Not a big problem actually because I love rhabarber and once, I treat myself to a rhabarberkuchen from a bakeshop but to actually cook one myself? Hmmm… I tried to find recipe…