Failing at Blowing a Ball

I was googling about some ideas to play with babies and read that one can do so many things with balls. All kinds of balls. So cheapskate mama went to scout not one but 3 stores for a cheapy one before deciding on this beach ball. It is summer anyway and we will be playing…


Papa, our Fisherman

Mann is a farm boy who wanted to be a fisherman but ended up working as an engineer. Yes, life is full of disappointments sometimes. :) For our weeklong holiday, we went to visit the oma in Uckermark. It is nothing fancy and definitely not for everybody but I have been there several times already…


Lutherstadt, Wittenberg

Summer holiday started with a trip to Wittenberg, a city where Martin Luther posted his 95 Theses against selling indulgences. My history knowledge about him was a bit rusty so I enjoyed the Lutherhaus Museum especially after seeing his living room and stove that was still intact somehow after almost 500 years. Imagine! I was…


2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

Back in 2013, I made this post on One Fine Day. Last year, I made this post for our first year wedding anniversary. This year, we had a chance to do it again at Wasserburg, where we said our “Ja”. And this time, we are three! :) Or should I say 4 because Oma joined…


Rooting for Team Rx on the Amazing Race 26

The Amazing Race 26 I love the Amazing Race and have been watching it since the first season. Just hearing the theme song makes me excited already thinking of the adventures that is to come. I am happy to be able to watch the show still even though I am already married and busy with…


5 Things to Consider Before Marrying a German

Once upon a time, I received an email that goes on like this: Karlota, do you know any German who might be interested with a 33 year old chubby Filipina? I am open for introduction And I wouldn’t mind betting my husband’s salary too that the woman in question is a VIRGIN. If you look…


Six and Nine

These two pictures were taken by the Belgian family when Mira was 6 and 9 months old. I love them. Not only the picture was great but it gives me a different perspective of how she looks in the eyes of others. P.S. The nose is definitely from Mama. No question about it.


Mercure Roeselare and De Normandie

We spent a weekend in Belgium because it was my nephew’s first communion and to my surprise, it was considered a big deal over there. We traveled via easyjet which we booked 2 months earlier and the flight cost only 205 euro for Mann, Mira and me. The flight was from Berlin Schönefeld Airport (SXF)to…


Walk in the Park

Spring / Summer is here and I love it. Late afternoon, we try to do some sport and it usually involves a walk / jog in the park and playing badminton. Nowadays though with Mira in tow, we bring a mat for her to sit in the middle of our badminton tournament. I love the…