Tourist Visa Application – Cover Letter

Is cover letter necessary when applying for tourist visa? Although it wasn’t listed at Netherland Embassy website but I made one anyway when I applied for my Schengen Visa at the Netherland Consulate in Cebu to summarize purpose and intentions similar to when one is applying for a job.

I’m not an expert but I thought it’s good to make a sample highlighting the following information:

1. Type of visa one is applying

2. How the expenses will be covered and corresponding proof of documents enclosed

3. Proof of ties to make sure that you will not suddenly “disappear” and become an illegal immigrant

4. Accommodation details, how one planned to spend the days and again, corresponding proof of documents

To all applicants, Viel Gluek!


26th Floor Equitable Bank Tower
8751 Paseo de Roxas
Makati City, Philippines

Sub: Jane Doe, Philippine Passport No. XX1234567, Schengen Visa for Tourism

Dear Sir/Madam:

I would like to apply for Schengen visa to spend a holiday in two countries – Netherlands and Germany, with Netherlands as my main destination and first point of entry, from August 1 – 20, 2012.

My purpose for travel is tourism, to see the beautiful sights especially the museums and architectures. I also look forward to experiencing the foods, learning the European way of life from these two countries and meeting new people.

I am employed at Tarzan Corporation located in Forest Gump, Lapu-Lapu City, Philippines since January 2005 and currently holding the position of Engineer I. Vacation from work has already been approved for the whole duration of this trip.

Please find the following documents to support my visa application enclosed herewith:

* Application form, duly dated and signed with passport-size picture

* Passports showing my travel experiences including Belgium last year

* Employment and Leave certificates showing the date I’m expected to return for work

* Payslips, ITR, Credit card statements, Bank Certificate & Statement of Account as proof of income

* Plane ticket booking reservation via KLM for Manila – Amsterdam – Manila on Aug 1 – 20, 2012

* Hotel booking reservation as proof of accommodation directly faxed to the embassy

* Travel Insurance with benefits coverage of 30,000 Euro

I trust that you will find that everything is in order. For questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Jane Doe
Cebu City 6000, Phil.
Home: (63) +32 123-4567
Mobile: (63) 908- 12345678
Office: (63) + 32 987-6543 local 8520


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201 thoughts on “Tourist Visa Application – Cover Letter

  1. This is what I don’t like with Philippine passports you have to undergo all of this things just to travel + the visa costs and the time and effort. Was lucky when I traveled before when I was in the Philippines everything was settled by the company I worked with so I don’t have to write and prepare all of those just give them the passport.

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  3. I am from Sri Lanka and this letter helped me a lot to prepare my letter to get visa to France. I have to find some other documents and I will submit those to the embassy in next week. Lets hope I get the VISA :) Thanks a lot for writing this cover letter template.

  4. Another Sri Lankan here :D, thank you for this valuable template. I hope i too get the visa to Malaysia soon ;)

    • I used the same template to get a visa to Netherlands and got a visa. Cover letter is not really that important. They more or less check that you can really afford such trip and if you really have a place to sleep. Goodluck

      • Actually to get schengen visa it is better of you can provide a cover letter to them. For countries like Malaysia, Thailand I dont think it is much necessary. But for the developed countries it is better to have a cover letter.

  5. Helow guys…can u help me to complte my schengen aplication form,i really confused about date and place,i apply my visa,in netherland embassy for visiting freinds and freinds,i hope can u help me…


  6. Maraming salamat po ng marami,ok na kaya ang mga requirements ko para makapasa sa netherland embassy,ito po ang list ng requirements ko.

    1.aplication form
    3.2 photographs
    4.medical insurance(schengen) statement of my boyfreind
    6.invitation legalized of his country
    7.since i was unemployed i get my statement account

    sana matulungan nyo po ako…sa lunes na po kc ang interview ko.madaming slamat sa uli.

    • unemployed?? hmm.. I don’t know..they would want proof that you’ll return back to the country. you can show some proof of assets or something..but you never know.. final decision comes from the embassy.. nyahaha. good luck

    • hello Jen, pwede ba ako magtanung sayo? i have a plan din kasi to apply private visit sa fiancee ko.Taga slovenia xa pero sa belgium embassy ako mag apply… I have some question to ask. Hope you can read this message of mine

      • Hi Jen/Anna,

        Not sure if you’ll will check this. But I am in the same situation and traveling this year, can you’ll give me some more information. Would be helpful.

  7. Hi im planning visit Hungary next month. I browse tru the web and it states that ”
    Starting 01 October 2009, the Embassy of Belgium in the Philippines will represent Hungary for issuance of Schengen visa.”

    Since your were in Belgium Embassy, may I ask what is your first step after complying all your requirements. Did you call an appointment first? When did you pay Consul Fees? And what will I expect at Belgium Embassy. Tnx

    • Hi Jen-think I’ll be needing you help as well–:)Will be applying visa soon (sponsored by my boyfriend). With your experience, did they asked you for any proof of relationship? So far I have here now the other documents needed coming on his side and mine as well. Hope you can give me insights how was the interview went since we’re on both case~~Please help–Thanks in advance!:)

      @Love2Type–Big thanks –find your blogs really helpful!:)

      • hello Mel,
        can i ask? when is your intended visit to your fiancee. i think where both on the same situation.tsaka taga saan si bf mo?.belgium embassy ka rin mag aapply? i hope you can read this message of mine and i can get some info from you in applying visa and interview too…
        thanks in advance

      • Hi Anna- So far I’m still in the process. Called up the embassy last Tuesday November 6,2012 and my schedule of interview will be on November 13, 2012; think I can share some insights after then. He’s from Gorichem NL and I’m applying on Netherland Embassy.

        Wish me luck with the interview-:)

      • hello mel, thank you for the responds..i am looking forward to get some information from you after your application, and i wish sana makuha mo yung visa… godbless always

  8. Hi, one of the requirements is a Copy of your confirmed flight reservation. The Belgium Website states that: “The Embassy of Belgium does not require a plane ticket to be submitted when lodging the application”

    How will I get a copy of confirmed flight reservation? I’ve been browsing Google, I have to pay even a flight reservation.
    What if my visa got declined?

    • go to the nearest travel agency office you can find and get a flight reservation booking.. depending on travel agency, you only pay around 100 to 300 pesos.. but take note of the dates. it must match with your hotel bookings, leave dates from work and your travel insurance validity dates… visa validity will depends on the dates stated in your flight reservation booking.. good luck

    • for belgium, it’s not requirement.. they will inform you if your visa has been approved then you need to buy travel insurance or your plane ticket already and send a copy to the embassy before they will release your visa..

  9. Ask kolang uli, baket naka address yung letter
    26th Floor Equitable Bank Tower
    8751 Paseo de Roxas
    Makati City, Philippines

    diba puede i address dito.

    Netherlands Consulate in Cebu City, the Philippines
    Metaphil Inc. Bldg. Tipolo
    P. O. Box 56
    Mandaue City 6014

    gumagawa kasi ako ng cover letter ko I got confused, thank you sa reply i really appreciate it. gamitin kodin ang templete mo if okay lang . thanks again

  10. guys i need a visa letter to i need to apply for visa to participate in a international conference please help me out.

  11. Hello,
    I would like to ask if I plan a 15 day visit to Belgium and if granted a visa, would they give me only 15 days duration in my visa? or they will grant me 90 days minimum?

  12. To
    THE HONORABLE CONSUL 27 September 2012
    167, Street 15
    Diplomatic Enclave
    Sector G-5

    Sub: Asif khan, Pakistan Passport No.PQ4101862, Schengen Visa for Tourism
    Dear Sir/Madam:
    I would like to apply for Schengen visa to spend a holiday in Netherlands along with my family (My wife & son).
    My purpose for travel is tourism, to see the beautiful sights especially the museums such as the Rijksmuseum and the Vincent van Gogh museum architectures and elegant town houses. I also look forward to experiencing the foods, learning the European way of life from Netherlands and meeting new people.
    Netherlands is my main destination first and last point of entry, from September 20 – 30, 2012.
    I am self-employed at Rehman fabrics located Shop no 1, H block, Malik arcade, f-10 markaz Islamabad. Currently holding the position of managing director.

    I hope you will look favorably on this application. Thanking you for your cooperation and assistance.

    Asif khan
    F11/3, St 37, House 368-b Islamabad
    Home: +92 51 2111177
    Mobile +92 301 5111111
    Office: +92 51 2299009

    Supporting documentation attached
    1. My child birth certificate
    2. My marriage certificate
    3. Travel health insurance
    4. E-tickets to Netherlands Amsterdam Schiphol
    5. Hotel reservation in Amsterdam Schiphol
    6. Account bank statements & Current Account latest balance
    7. Lease agreement of my business
    8. My property agreement

  13. Hello, Its been almost a month (Aug 2) since my last interview at Belgium Embassy Manila until now I haven’t receive any news from them. I would like to ask how will they notify me if my business visa is approve or denied, is it through email, text or call? Tnx

  14. Dear Mr. XXXXXXXX

    Please be informed that we have received the result of your application from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.
    You may choose from the following options how you wish to receive the result:
    · You may come here to the Embassy of Belgium on a TUESDAY, between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning ONLY.
    · You may send your representative (with an authorization letter + copy of your and his or her ID) on a TUESDAY, between 9:00 and 11:00 in the morning ONLY.
    · You may send us a prepaid, self-addressed courier envelope (for example: LBC) (Please take note that the Embassy does not take any responsibility if the mail was not received).

    Sincerely yours,
    Visa Section
    Embassy of Belgium

    They did not ask for travel Insurance. Is this approved or denied?

    • I don’t know.. that is weird.. mine was an email telling me that my visa application was approved and that i need to send paid plane ticket and travel insurance then they will inform me when I can go back to the embassy to claim my passport with visa..

      • Mam ask ko lang po..mag apply po kasi ako ng tourist visa to uk, tapos yung birth certificate po ba kailangan pa ipa red ribbon?

  15. dear sir /Madam
    my intervew is on 05/09/2012 at Dubai to visit my family in netherland all document which has required in websit i have prepared i hope to get visa waiting for final decision if my visa refuse make me disappoint please show me the easy ways to get Neatherlands visa

  16. hi love to type.. taga cebu ka so mag visaya ko, pwde ba naku makuha imo ym man lang or email gusto taka kontakon kay naa jud ko e ask in person unta kay mag apply ko ug visa siguro next week, gather some info lang sa imo naa ko israel karon caregiver.. hope imo ko pagbigyan unsaon taka pag kontak…

  17. hi po…i got an invitation letter from my mom in france accompanied with my wife po. unemployed po ako pero ako po bale ang ngmamanage ng mga bukirin ng parents ko since wla po akong proof of assets pede ko po ba gmitin mga land titles nla as proof na babalik kmi after the tour….may statement of account nman din ako tig isa kmi ng wayf ko….tapos dun po sa invitation nmin oct 10 to nov 30 fo ung intended date of depart at arrival e ang schedule po nmin for interview e sa oct 4 po pwede po ba nming imove ung departure date 10 working days after ng interview? thanks po!hope to read some nfos from you…

    • Hi, I’m not expert… experience ko lang po ay yung with my work kasi po wala rin po akong asset. I don’t know if land titles of your parents will do but I guess there’s no harm in trying..

      As for the departure date, in my experience po with belgium, 1 month after the interview date ko pa lang nalaman if approved ang visa ko… I don’t know sa French Embassy.. goodluck po

  18. hi I will apply for German visitor’s visa next month from Pakistan so i want to know that consulate officials will take interview on the same date of application submission or later?

    • i haven’t tried for Germany yet and I don’t know the rules in your place. Sorry. Please contact your own embassy.

      But in my experience with other embassy, when you submit your application to the embassy, they will interview you also.

  19. Dear madam ,
    I am from Bangladesh. I want to apply for tourist visa in Italian embassy how I can proceed please inform me. Where I can buy travel insurance?

    • please read requirements of tourist visa in italian embassy in your country.. this should be the logical way to do it first….

      travel insurance, please go to your nearest travel agency.

  20. Dear Anamul to take travel insurance is very simple i think companies names are mentioned on embassy web so u have to choose right and cheap company for u. i have already take insurance 5 days ago.

  21. Hi Love 2 Type,

    I will apply a tourist visa to France, and i will stay in my friends house the whole 3 months…. so, in VISA FORM Qno.21, what i’m going to check, as my main purpose of the journey, TOURISM? OR VISITING FAMILY or FRIENDS? Hope you can help me,,, Thank you in advance..

    • in MY OPINION, it depends on your accommodation. tourism then you got to show hotel bookings.. visiting friends or family then you got to show invitation that they know you are coming and will be accommodating you… everything needs to match up.. goodluck

  22. Thank you….maybe i’ll check VISITING FAMILY OR FRIEND.. my friend will provide everything for me, and will send me all documents i need from him ( bank certification, bank statement, some IDs, and some proof that he has own home). will the embassy need the proof that we are really friends? but, my real and big problem is,,,, i’m unemployed…huhuhuhu!

    • i have one commenter here who was unemployed also but visa application was approved.. goodluck..

      as for proof of friendship / relationship, it depends on the requirement of embassy that you will be applying i guess…

  23. Hi Love 2 Type~ trying to check out on the message trail if there’s particular note of how the documents should be submitted. Like should it be on long brown envelope–or in a folder…? :) Please help me out~My interview will on Tuesday November 13, 2012 .

    #praying & keepin’ my fingers cross~:):)

  24. Basically it makes me ashamed to be European. To make you go through with all that..everyone knows people from the Philippines work hardest and laugh longest…stupid European countries should be proud to welcome anyone from your country who wants to stay or a while.

  25. hello pag nag apply ba ng tourist visa to netherlands kailangan ko pa ba ipa red ribbon lahat ng Philippine Documents ko?

      • so no need ko na po ipa red ribbon ang NBI at Cenomar? what if im working in a Canadian company based here sa Pinas and wala kaming binabayaran na tax. do i need to show ITR?

          • kailangan po ba na 3 months before the flight ang application ng tourist visa to netherlands? or can i apply 1 month before the flight?

            • 1 month is okay… 3 months is the earliest that you can apply only… netherlands is pretty fast in giving out visa results for pure tourists so 1 month before flight is doable i suppose.. its just that for me, i don’t want timings to be too tight…

          • walang payslip at no tax?? is that possible?? i don’t know how to do this.. i don’t have experiences on this and I’m not from the embassy.. sorry po…

  26. Hi maam,kung sa application visa form ang ilagay ko 21 days stay in netherlands, if ever visa granted automatic ba ung visa good for 90days valid stay short stay in netherlands? Hope you can reply me maam, i have interview schedule on feb.11. Nalilito kc ako. Thank you so much

    • in my experience po, when I wrote 21 days then my visa was valid for 25 – 30 days only… the 21 days should match with the number of days of leave I have from work and the amount of money I should have that is enough for 21 days. Good luck

  27. Thanks for the reply maam,i have invitation letter from my bf in netherlands,and all the papers need from him, ang intention ko 3 months stay ako dun sa netherlands pinayagan naman ako ng company na magleave ng 3mos.kaso sabi ng iba baka daw hindi maniwala ang embassy ok lang ba un maam ilagay sa leave of absence ko 3mos? Nagpa assist ako ng agency need koba talaga may show money almost 500k? Na shoulder naman ni bf lahat ng expensis and accomodation ko dun?

    • your company allowed you to be on leave for 3 months?? Swerte naman… if you have permit to be on holiday that long, then you can write it on your application form. Your insurance mo lang dapat good for 3 months also.. as for show money, if you are sponsored by your bf, i don’t think it’s needed although some money from you to show forth wouldn’t hurt… but i never experienced this so I don’t know for sure. sorry..

  28. Hi there. Love 2 Type I am a former US green card holder I decided to waive my permanent residence because my family refused to live in the US. As much as I want to be with my mom who just had a stroke 2 yrs ago I need to be with my family here in the Phil. So instead of going back and forth from manila to USto maintain my status i decided to apply for a tourist visa hopefully be given a multiple visa, besides I can’t afford it. How do I go about my cover letter in applying for a tourist visa. afford it.

    Hope you can help me.

    • i’m not an expert gwaps.. just posted here how I wrote my cover letter. :P you can use it as your guide perhaps but other than that, I don’t have time to go over everything for you.. sorry, i’m quite busy. goodluck anyway..

  29. Hello I have a problem same with Mara. I’m planning to apply for a Schengen visa next week i think. I’m also sponsored by my friend in Netherlands. I am a regular employee, I worked as a secretary or office assistant in a language school here in Cebu, I have already my contract as a proof that i will return back to Philippines after my short stay. All possible requirements are now ready. But my problem is my leave of absence. I will stay in Netherlands for 90 days as a tourist, according to my boss 3 months is very long for her to provide me a 90 days vacation leave. What i’m going to do if the embassy will ask me regarding my job? since my boss did not provide me a vacation leave but at least she allow me to travel for 90 days.

  30. :: you are so smart.. thank you! and you help a lot of people in this matter.. keep up the good work..

  31. hi madam im going to apply my tourist on 16 16 i have already paper my bf inviting me to stay 3months i have my business here but i have only problem my business is build last 2months ago and dont have ITR yet form the bir what should i show to them proof of income?and it okay if my bank is only 100,000 my show money but my bf had all bank statement that show he had a big money im so confuse about the bank statement the 100,000 account is new i dont dont if the embassy accepted it..thank you so much i hope that you can help me ”

  32. sorry i ddnt mention the country im cora again mam im goint to tourist to paris france but my problem is my own bank statement account i deposit last week 100.000 on my account i dont know if they accepted it

    • i’m not familiar with France embassy and I haven’t experienced your kind of problem so I don’t know if they will find it acceptable.. all you can do is try… as for BIR, I don’t know about that either.. at least you can show business permit to prove that it’s fairly new or something like that.. I’m not sure. goodluck anyway.

  33. hi…
    i was just wondering…does the covering letter have to be typed or hand written??and also,my invite letter has been sent via email along with my inviter’s i have to write a covering letter for that too when i print it out and give it??

    • cover letter is not really part of the requirement based from my experience with Belgium and Netherland embassy. It’s up to you if you want to do this and how you want to do it. My sister have to send all her documents via snail mail because I want everything to be original. :) goodluck anyway..

  34. hi @love 2type..i am applying for uk visa and my uncle did not provide bank statements only employment letter with his salary on it, do you think i will get decline for not providing that?its actually my second time applying i got denied the first time kc saling pusa lang ako :) yung bestfriend ko tlga ang iniinvite but try ko yung luck ko baka makakuha din ako ng visa pero deny. on her passport she has a reference number ako date lang ng uk manila no reference number. Ilalagay ko pa kaya sa cover letter ko yun na na deny ako?or no need na hehe…for credit cards statements ilang months ang provide ko?

    thanks i hope you can answer all my questions. i will copy your cover letter too :)

    • depends if on the employment letter, the salary shows a good amount on it. I’m not familiar with UK but in Belgium, according to my sister, she must have a certain amount for salary and then her dependents were noted also to see if she can really support me when I get to Belgium before she can get a Guarantee letter for me at their city hall.. You can show your own bank statement also so they will know that you can support yourself as well. You don’t have to include in your cover letter that you’ve been previously denied. THey have a record for that already I’m sure. for credit cards, 3 months will do in my experience. good luck

  35. hello Love 2 type!!!
    i was appling for an indian student visa and i was asked to supply a letter requesting for visa. can u help me plz

    • my blog on tourist visa application – cover letter should be guide enough for you. Tweak it around to suit your needs. I don’t write letters for just about anyone. Sorry.

  36. do i need to have a temporary or reservation ticket for the requirements to be pass on the pass on the personal interview or is my host is the one who will have to do it?is it important because its the only paper i donot have the temporary flight?

    • check website of the embassy where you will be applying. If it calls for plane reservation then you should have that. It’s not a problem to get one. Just go to travel agency and request for a plane itinerary certificate. You would have to pay 100 to 300 pesos.

  37. Love to type…may alama ka bang agency na puede kong kuhanan ng temporary flight or request for a plane itinerary cert….dito ako sa ormoc pero gusto ko sa cebu na lng ako kukuha kasi dito they only gave me 12 hours for temporary la ako time kasi bibiyahe pa ako papuntang cebu its take more time so gusto ko sa cebu na lng…sa ako puedeng kukuha at anong agency at san sa cebu?…para ma komplete ko ang papers to submit and for the personal interview..thanks!

    • 12 hours for temporary travel itinerary? You can use that. Plane ticket reservation are bound to expire sooner or later anyway since decision making from embassy takes time. Anyway, in SM Cebu, I think there’s Grand Hope Travel and Tours at lower ground Floor across Chester Textiles

  38. Hello love2type!

    I hope you can help me with this problem. I don’t know if how many days should I write in the application form. Should I include the date of departure or not? I’m planning to visit Austria and other states on Sep. 2-18, 2013. How many days of stay should I write? And also should I write all the names of the hotels, their addresses, emal adds and tel. nos.? Please I need your help.

    Thanks in advance. God bless.


    • when i applied for my visa, day 1 for me is the day i arrive in europe… As for listing all the hotels and all the contact numbers in the schengen visa application form, I only listed the first hotel that I will be staying since there is not much space on it… But i listed all the details in the cover letter…. Also, I include copies of reservation for ALL hotels when i submit my application form. good luck.

  39. Thank you very much for the quick reply. You just don’t know how much you made me feel at ease. Recently, I’ve been feeling anxious regarding my filing of Shengen visa. I just want every documents to be properly prepared/gathered and filled out with no mistakes before submitting it.
    Sorry if I’m going to ask again. Is it okay if I’ll write the name of the first hotel I’ll be staying even if it’s not in the country of my main destination which is Austria? Should I include Sept. 18 which is the departure date in counting the number of days of stay? Should I give them also a photocopy of my credit card showing the card numbers? I’m just being hesitant about this. Regarding the bank statement, is it okay if I’ll just photocopy the pages of my bank book showing the deposits and withdrawals within the last 6 months? And am I right to get a single entry only for this Sept. trip even if I’m entering more than 5 Schengen states? Sorry if asked too much. I’ve been searching these questions on the net but it seemed like I can’t find any good answer to my questions.

    Thank you very much in advance. God bless.


    • Hallo,
      Main country of destination means you will be staying there longer or it’s country of first entry AND you are staying equally with other countries. You will also be applying at Austria embassy then since it’s supposedly your main country of destination.

      As for hotel, maybe you can include details of your itinerary with the cover letter so the embassy will have a sense of your trip. I mean, you arrive in Austria and then you are off to another country right away regardless if you have jet lag or not? But well, I’m not a complete expert really. My experience was I applied visa in Netherlands Embassy and stay 10 days in Netherlands first and then 10 days in Germany with hotel in Netherlands first because that makes sense to me.

      As for counting the number of days, I already answered this. If I depart from Philippines on Sept. 18 and I arrive still on Sept. 18 because of time zone then in my experience, I count Sept. 18 as first day because it’s the day that Migration officer in Europe will put a stamp on my passport.

      I suppose you can include photocopy of credit card as well as your credit card statement account for 3 months.. It’s a plus I suppose to show proof that you have good credit status and you pay bills and all that.

      As for the bank statement, I went to the bank and request for bank statement and bank certificate. It needs to be official with bank seal, signatures and all that crap.

      Single entry is good even if you are going all over states since it’s a borderless place… Multiple entry means going to any of the Schengen states then going outside like to England perhaps or back to Philippines and then going back again to Schengen States. The whole European Zones is like one big country. It’s like America with all the states. You don’t need multiple entry to go to NeW york and then go to California.

      Your question will basically be answered if you read more about Schengen rule and its policy.

  40. Good evening!

    Thank you so much to you! You have been a great!

    I just want to clarify again about the number of days. Sorry if I still can’t get this. So base on my trip (Sept. 2- 18), I will include the date of departure in Austria in counting the days ( I’ll arrive back home the next day Sept. 19. Austria is 7 hrs. late to my home country). That would be a total of 17 days. Am I right?

    Thanks again for any help.


    • ah, you mean departure from europe.. I thought you mean departure from philippines. YES. you count september 18 because you will still be in Europe on that day..

  41. Hi Love2Type!

    Thank you so so so much! Now I can sleep well. ;)

    Sorry if I’m not very clear about the departure date of where it is. I am almost done gathering all the requirements and hopefully submit it as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for all the help and sharing your knowledge about visa thing. You know you deserved to be acknowledge in the Tripadvisor or have your own travel agency or work in embassy. Why? Because you know a lot and very knowledgeable and smart. I’m sure many will keep on coming for help or even ask your ideas or thoughts about travel thing. You will surely be 100% successful.

    A big two thumbs up to this site of yours! May you received more blessings.



  42. hi, I am from sri lanka. I am planning to apply for a visit visa to usa. can you please help me writing a cover letter?

  43. hello, am a us citizen, how can I write a letter or apply for my fiancé a Nigeria residence. both of us want to visit uk for tourism.

  44. hi my father live in italy i want to meet him he is ill he is not able to send me invitation plz advise me what i can do

  45. Hello,
    I want to file schengen visa for paris france from India. I want to go with my youger brother my dad and mom. My dad is retired businessman and my mom is a house wife. My younger brother has recently join a job he is a doctor by profession. We all as family sharing all the expenditures. I do have ITR’s bank statement etc but my father did not have any ITR or retirement proof as he retired as a businessman. My mother is a house wife and my brother has also not filled any ITR as he has join his job recently i.e 9-10 month back. Now I want to show my dads bank statement my mom bank statement and my brother bank statement and payslip and holiday approval proof. I want to know I have to file with a single cover letter or individually for all the members of my family. Does it work or it will be an incomplete file. As no ITR are available of my dad, mom and brother. please guide

    • You must prepare a single covering letter with all your family member if the fund is not an enough for your couple of members then stop submitting your application. It may rejected

  46. Hello ask ko lang po noong nagfile ka ng visit visa sa kapatid mo sa belgium gumawa karin ba ng cover later kailngan ko rin ba ng showmoney kahit ung bf ko ang sa sagot sa lahat lahat ng gastosin ko sa plane,pag stay ko ng 31 days sa belgium lahat lahat..kailngan ko pa ba ng mlaking money s bank ko?…thank you in more power…

    • i had a cover letter and also show statement of bank account even though my sister sponsored my trip as well. i dont know how much money is required but it was more than enough to cover roundtrip ticket in case of emergency.

  47. ah ok po.pero miron na po akong reservation na roundtrip ticket na belgium at insurance…bali ung cover letter u sa Belgium magkaiba sa cover letter mo sa Netherland. kung sakaling magkaparehas pwede po bang mahiram ang cover letter mo na nakasulat sa taas…hehehe…sorry ..thank you

    • Hi po..thanks for all the helpful tips and info.. ask lang po sana ako if ano po address ng Betherlands consulate sa Cebu? thanks

  48. hi ms love to type.ok lang ba na magaapply ako ng tourist visa going to canada 1 month before my expected departure? i dont have any assets here in philippines and im not working.just my boyfriend invied me and my mom in US will funded all my expenses and that possible??thank you

  49. Hi! i just wanna ask about the red ribbon thing.. if you will be applying for a tourist visa in Netherlands do you need to have NSO red ribboned? thanks! :*

  50. and can you please help me with my application.. i plan on traveling with a friend who is also applying for a visa. our documents will act like just one.. what i mean is for plane reservation his name and my name on one reservation.. for our hotel its under my name but it shows in the confirmation that the room is for 2 adults. can he just let the consul know about on the interview? i also have some tour vouchers that is under my name because i put my name as a group leader but the voucher shows 2 adults. and also for the cover letter i include his name on it.

    my interview will be on sept. 25 kinda scared. i need all the documents fixed :(

    • i am not sure about this because i am not related with the embassy and the decision making and don’t have the same experience as yours. it ist best that both of you have the same copies for all documents. I would have felt more confident if it clearly states my own name on it also. goodluck.

      • Thanks for your response! i am actually thinking about him coz it might be the reason why his or both of our application might get denied. :(

  51. Hi Love,

    I’m planning to submit all the requirements needed for Visit Visa to Netherlands in Cebu. I have a question, what are the possible question on the initial interview? or is there any interview happening when you submit your documents?


    • there is an interview at the consulate. a bit informal way but still an interview. as for the questions, search and read one of my previous posts on this blog. i posted them already before and too lazy to write them down again for you. goodluck

  52. TO,
    New Delhi, India.
    Dear Sir/Madam,
    I would like to apply tourist visa for Miss/Mr……………., passport no. working as ………………I would like her to accompany me during my trip to Poland on ………. to ……… Our main purpose for travel to see the beautiful sights especially the museums,churches and architectures.
    All the expenses incurred during her travel and accommodation will be borne by me, even though she has enough funds available in her bank account to support her during her stay in Poland. I confirm that she will be staying with us at Hotel —————————————. I guarantee that she will not be depends on government of Poland in any way during the course of our trip, also guarantee of the repatriation.
    Please find the following documents to support her visa application enclosed herewith:
    1. Application form, duly signed with passport-size picture
    2. Passport
    3. Plane ticket booking reservation via Austrian Airline on ……. to …….
    4. Paid Hotel Voucher as proof of accommodation
    5. Travel Insurance with benefits coverage of 50,000 Euro
    6. Work Contract
    I would be grateful if you could kindly consider granting her tourist visa for SEVEN days. I trust that you will find that everything is in order. For questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact me.
    Maria G.

  53. hello love to type..i just want to ask if it is necessary to have a flight reservation upon submission of my application in Netherlands embassy in Cebu?i have a family friend who wants to invite me for a tourist visa and they sent me a general invitation that came from their city hall stating that i have 1 year validation of staying in Poland.I am confused about the flight reservation because i did not know if my application will be approve.I was in Norway last 2008 for a visitor’s visa and the embassy get my flight reservation and my travel insurance the time that my application has been approved and they required me to brought it the time that i get my passport with the stamp schengen visa on it…

    • if it is stated as visa requirement for netherlands then you should have a flight reservation. you can just go to any travel agency and book a flight reservation for a fee of 100 or 200 pesos I guess depending on the travel agency. This is a no sweat requirement. i am confused though that you have a validity for stay in poland but you are applying at netherlands consulate? did not know that they do for poland visitors as well. goodluck.

  54. iF u can not speak english ,,and u got interview for tourist visa ,,i would like to ask that if i can ask for a TRANSLATOR for my national language(urdu)?? ..(i m from PAKISTAN )

    • i am sure there will be pakistani personnel as well in the embassy… in our embassy here in the philippines, Filipino personnels are attending to us so we can speak in our own mother tongue in case we get so nervous..

  55. HALLO .. Can i show the bank statement of shared account with my father? if i am unemployed(student)??

  56. ask ko lang po,ang application form for schengen visa sa belgian embassy for yan makukuha at mag filled up ako?? confused kasi ako

    • check website of belgian embassy for the application form that you can download, printed out, filled up and compiled along with the rest of the requirements they listed.

  57. I am from india , but I work in Saudi Arabia
    I want to apply for tourist visa to Tunisia this july,
    I want to know what are the document required and process for getting visa.

  58. Hello.. love2

    ask ko lang po kung anong banko mas mabilis mag credit.card at mag kano ang pina ka ma baba ang kailangang i deposet? Plss. i need your answer mag apply po ako ng tourist visa pa.italy by this coming March at naka book n flight ko sa May 10’2014 yan lang po kulang ng requirement ko ako sa hk now.. uwi ako sa March para mag apply ng visa.. maka habol pa kaya ako? thanks po…

    • i don’t have thorough knowledge about credit cards and banks. sorry.. ewan ko kung makahabol ka pa ba. :) its your problem why you book a flight already for italy when you don’t even have a visa yet. :P

  59. hi! :) ang planned trip ko po kase is on april 14, 2014. pwede po kaya akong magpainterview dis week?

  60. Hi love to type….. I am from India applying UK visa for family visit. I am a student as well as I am working. I have my cousins in UK. my uncle there in UK have sponsored me for travelling and living expenses… my own income is low. I am going with grandmother who is also helping me with expenses… we are going for 2 weeks. Will I get the visa? Any additional document you can suggest and how should be my cover letter? Please guide me thank you.

  61. Hi Karlota! Thank you for posting a very helpful tip in making the cover letter. May I ask is it the same with motivational letter they are requiring for visa in terms of studying german language? I am not currently employed, i dont know how to explain myself that i am going back to philippines after my study. :(

    • I guess cover and motivational letter are just the same. Could be a letter stating your motivations about why you want to learn the language also. Not sure though because i dont have experiences of applying for student visa.

  62. Hi! Your post is very helpful. But may i ask can you help me if my letter already okay? or do i need to include some things? thank you so much!

    PS. Sorry if i copied some of your templates. ;P

    The Honorable Consul
    German Embassy Manila
    25/F Tower 2, RCBC Plaza
    6819 Ayala Avenue
    Makati City, Philippines

    Dear Sir/Madam:

    This letter indicates my interest in applying for a Visa in the participation of a language course in the Federal Republic of Germany. I am enrolled to Institut Für Sprachvermittlung und Internationalen Kulturaustausch in Bonn, Germany. I will be taking the A 2.1 – B2.1 for 20 weeks that starts on the 7th of July 2014 until the 21st of November 2014 and planning to take the required examinations to certify my German language fluency such as TestDaf and Zertifikat Deutsch.
    I completed my A1 course in Goethe Institut Manila last December of 2012 and got an above average score on my final exam. Learning a new language is my aspiration and Deutsch has always been close to my heart. With some of my relatives that reside in there, there’s a chance I might come in there and learn the language. I have decided to take the remaining German language course in Bonn, Germany with the help of our family friend. I believe that immersion would greatly help me learn the language even experience its bounteous culture that they offer. I would be acquainted with the way the language is spoken in real life.
    I am blessed that I have our loving family friend, Mr. Werner Becker, whom I consider my Uncle or second father, in sponsoring my desire to study in Germany. We have known him for almost a decade and a half. He resides in the heart of Bonn in his sublime building and I will be living with him together with his partner throughout my stay.
    After my German language course, I will be returning back to my home country because I know this would immensely open new doors of opportunities to me.
    I have enclosed documents supporting my visa application herewith. For questions and clarifications, please feel free to contact me anytime.
    Maggi Bresenio
    Montalban, Rizal 1860 Philippines
    Home: (02) 47—
    Mobile: +63—-
    Email: a—

  63. Hi ,
    In the cover letter,should i include the table of itinerary with dates , hotels names , duration of stay etc.
    or is it fine if i just explain my purpose of travel.Please help

  64. hi po, planning to visit my bf in Germany this coming December to spend Christmas and new year with him and now i just wanna know what else should i need to present to German embassy if i have no credit card / i have a bank account but not using it anymore since i already take all my money when my mother was hospitalized. i also have no work for more than a year now but i have a small encoding and printing business here at home and i also do bake to order foods but not have business permit cause i only have a small business.
    My bf will sponsor me for all what i need.i have no land tittle. is there’s a possibility that my application for schengen visa will be approve by German embassy?

    looking forward for a reply
    thank you and god bless :)

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  66. Hello there thank you so much for your post, it is very helpful, trully. :) I just want to ask about the “proof of ties” part of the requirement. I am not employed at the moment due to family issues, so me and my boyfriend thought this would be a great opportunity to meet again for the holidays. I just dont know what else I could submit so I can convince the consul I’d be returning here in the phils after the trip. Any thoughts on this? thank you so much in advance x

  67. good day to you Love to type. I am from Leyte and i have tumbled to a website saying there is a Belgian consulate in Cebu?
    May i know what kind of services are they offering there?

    thank you po

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  74. hi love to type .. im from mindanao , i dont know what should i write for my cover letter and propose day to day itinerary. im getting married in france. can u help me ? god bless …

  75. Hello Love to type.. My boyfriend invited me to visit him to Germany this year. I almost complete the requirements but my question is… is it necessary to write an application/cover letter to embassy? It wasn’t listed at German embassy website… do you think the invitation letter of my boyfriend would be enough? My appointment date is on the 4th of May 2015. I need your opinion.

    Many thanks!

  76. Hi po. would like to ask about my hotel accomodation reservation. kasi nag pa reserve ako ng hotel accomodation sa amsterdam, netherlands, and then na confirm nila and pina print ko yung hotel confirmation. then after 5 days nag appearance ako sa netherlands embassy at pinasa ko yung lahat ng requirements ko. pero huli ko nlng nalaman upon checking sa email ko na na cancel pala yung booking kasi required nila na mag deposit ng 10% deductable sa credit card ko. After na ng interview ko nakita yung email nila na kinansel na nila yung reservation ko. what should i do po? super worried po ako. pleasse help.

      • Thanks po for the reply. One last question po, who does the checking, the netherlands embasy in manila? and who gives the decision for tourist visa, sila din po ba? thanks so much po.

          • Hello again po :)

            just to give some updates about my application, they emailed me today with this message po:

            Dear Applicant,
            Greetings from VFS Netherlands Help Desk.
            Your PASSPORT is ready for pick up at the VFS Netherlands. You may visit between 2:00PM to 4:00PM from Monday – Friday excluding Holidays.
            Requirements for pick up:

            Main Applicant
            1 Original Valid ID (in case of lost AFFIDAVIT OF LOST should be presented)

            Authorization letter, 1 Original Valid ID of the applicant, 1 Original Valid ID (representative) (in case of lost AFFIDAVIT OF LOST should be presented)

            I actually didnt expect this because they have told me that the processing time is 15 working days, pero as I have counted, 8 working days plng po ang nakakalipas from the time I have submitted my documents in The NEtherlands Embassy manila.

            Do I need to worry po ba, kasi bakit ang bilis.. I’m from Iloilo City pa po kasi and I added an extra amount for the service fee of my passport to be home delivered po.. Thanks in advance po sa reply. :)

            • Netherlands work fast. Mine took 10 working days i think.. not sure if this is approved or not… my parents applied for tourist visa to belgium and they got invitation letter from my sister and it says that the result is already available.. they got denied.. :(

  77. Hi Love 2 type- my boyfriend is Dutch and I’m Indian staying. We stay here in India and have got documents ready. Usually they require the 3 years of income tax papers but since he started working here only for a year now, we just have that 1 year tax paper and even I have only 13′-14′ tax paper. My bank balance atm is only around $650 but my boyfriend is sponsoring the trip. Would my bank statements be a basis for rejection?

  78. hi lucky i saw this forum and i hope u could help me.singapore baased kami ng husband ko and sa thursday na appointment nmin sa german letter of sponsorship nko sa cousin ko since he’s a german citizen,my idea kb kung need pa ng itinerary ng mga ppuntahan namin?or sa mga under tourist visa lng un?under visit visa kc kame.thanks.though hndi naman all the time mg stay kmi sa knila pero hndi kona dineclare ung iba pra wala ng madaming hingin pa.

    • hallo, i only tried applying for schengen visa at belgium and netherland embassy so not sure about german.. but if itinerary is not part of the requirement like in japan or france maybe then i think you do not need to… goodluck

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