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Bohol’s Mellow Apartelle

Last weekend, I found myself in Tagbilaran, Bohol supposedly on a photo course mission and more. Bohol, being the 10th largest island in the country, has lots of beautiful things to offer like the luxurious Eskaya Beach Resort and Spa but for cheap people like me who cares only for a roof over my head and a mat to sleep on, there’s a rundown place called Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn located in Dampas – Binayran Road which is just 10 minutes tricycle ride away from the seaport.


The cheapest room available cost only 600 pesos but it’s a very tiny room that features a bed, toilet and bath only. And if you don’t mind seeing a cockroach or two, the place also has several pogi (handsome) points like FREE seaport / airport transfers, located near public market and Island City Mall, FREE Wifi at the lobby and being attended to by their beautiful 22-year old receptionist, Rose.

For reservations:
Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn
Dampas-Binayran Road, Dampas District
6300 Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

Phone Numbers: +63 (38) 411 2211 / +63 (38) 501 7040
Mobile Number: +63 920 867 6405
Telefax: +63 38 411 5378


8 thoughts on “Bohol’s Mellow Apartelle

  1. @Marcia,
    The place will do as I stayed there for 2 days only… 🙂 And roaches are like a regular housemate for most Filipinos anyway. Nyahaha.

    The picture was good?? Thank you very much. I don’t know what setting I used.. nyahaha. I don’t know what makes a place an apartelle or a pensionne really. sorry..


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