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Fame’s Wedding for Perfect Party and Other Events in Cebu

My sister wanted to have a perfect and hassle-free birthday party for her little boy and discovered Fame’s Wedding Concepts and Events via Internet. Since she was in Belgium still at the time, she asked me to make an arrangement with them. I’m not much for events so what I basically did is to print my sister’s instruction and gave it to Fames as well as pay the necessary dues which was 14,600 pesos to cover the Package B Kiddie Parties plus other additional services such as magician, chocolate fountain, face painting and balloon columns.

Grand Convention Function room Chrysanthemum turn out to be one magical place for a night with a Batman theme (Birthday boy is the batman of course) and it was quite painless on my part that I only have good things to say about this Party team.

I’ve yet to see their other events like weddings and debut but based from what I’ve witnessed with this one event alone, I can say that I would be happy to get their services again for any of our future events and would be proud to recommend Fame’s among friends.







7 thoughts on “Fame’s Wedding for Perfect Party and Other Events in Cebu

    • thanks.. sorry for the late feedback or if I can’t reciprocate. I’m just veryyyyyyyyy busy these days and still trying to have time to make new posts for my blog.


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  2. Hi! I am looking for a good party host for my little boy’s first birthday party. Did you have a good one during your nephew’s party? Did everyone enjoy the program and games?


    • party host comes with the package already at Fame’s Wedding.. The host was playful and funny enough but kids and adults alike are more enthralled by the magician that my sister booked from Fames. Good luck with the party.


  3. i am planning for my son’s 2nd birthday.
    how much did you spend all in all? how much did you pay for the venue alone at grand con?


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