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Cabalen – DO NOT Eat All You Want, DO NOT Eat All You Can

It’s my second time to dine at Cabalen Restaurant located in SM NorthWing Cebu and they still haven’t improved at all. Frankly, I’m surprised they are still in business but I think this is due to convenience only among shoppers since it is the only EAT ALL YOU CAN restaurant in the mall if I’m not mistaken.

Their motto is EAT ALL YOU WANT, EAT ALL YOU CAN but they are too cheap with their buffet servings and too lazy to fill it up also that you would think they don’t want you to EAT as much as you want really. To prove my point, they always ran out of LECHON and we have to wait for hours before we get to see this delicious pig again.

The restaurant cost 298 pesos per person + 67.20 pesos on regular drinks and I believe that for this price, we could have enjoyed a lot more at OTHER Filipino restaurants.

Cabalen’s Pogi Points are:
Chocolate Fondue
One could make your own Halo-Halo
Crispy Kangkong
Beef Caldereta

Cabalen’s Mortal Sin:
LIMITED / SLOW serving of their Buffet table






12 thoughts on “Cabalen – DO NOT Eat All You Want, DO NOT Eat All You Can

  1. I agree with you that service and filling up the food is important, maybe because the price is cheap, this is what we get. Over here, I have also encountered the same.


  2. So true, same with Dad’s, they have this turkey and ham and the server will just give you one slice and then if you come back for another serving, the server will give you this incredulous look like saying: no more! Pathetic service and staff from these so-called buffet restaurants.


  3. From what I’ve read, it was you’re second time dining at cabalen, that means you liked the food and the amenities during youre first time. Because if you really didn’t you wouldn’t have considered going there for the second time, right?


  4. You also list down Four(4) pogi points for Cabalen, vs Two (2) downsides. And youre boy seems to really have fun with the deserts!


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