I Got The Goethe Manila Shirt after Start Deutsch 1 Exam

Early this morning, I received a torturous text message from Goethe:

Guten Tag! This is the Goethe- Institut Manila. We already sent your Exam Result/ Certificate thru LBC yesterday. Here is your tracking # 189989979029.

Oh No! Not Again! My heart started hammering like crazy with this new suspense. If I had a weak heart, I wouldn’t be surprised if I suddenly roll over and die. I mean, why can’t they just tell me right away: Congratulations or We are sorry to inform you blah blah blah…

I checked the tracking number they gave me and guess what? It shows that the content was T-SHIRT ONLY? HUH?!@


I texted the Goethe that I checked the tracking number and that the content was t-shirt only. I mean, you know, in case there was some sort of painful error. But NOOOOOOO RESPONSE!!!

I think I need to go kacken again…

Early this afternoon, I finally received a call from our guardhouse at work where I have the result delivered and here’s the score:

Listening: 21.58 / 25
Reading: 24.90 / 25
Writing: 21.58 / 25
Speaking: 23.24 / 25

Total of: 91 / 100
Grade: Sehr Gut

Getting this score would not be possible without the help of some people especially since I didn’t really go to any formal school. Ergo, I would like to thank the following: My man, my German / Austrian friends like Robert, Jacky, Florian, Josef and family for not disturbing me and letting me yak what they find nonsense gibberish. And of course, Gott sei Dank!

P.S. About the shirt, it’s red and says: JA!


20 thoughts on “I Got The Goethe Manila Shirt after Start Deutsch 1 Exam

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  2. by the way.I am applying now for a visitors visa…I still have a work pod…and still preparing my papers renewal passport will be tomorrow pman gd.. have you tried to visit germany na? or for marriage na ang imoha? do you study german ?or self study? hehe

    thanks God Bless


  3. What if i failed can i retake again? How long i will be waiting to retake exam? Please answer im really nervous about this exam..


    • No limit for how often you want to take it.. its just the question of the budget then for how soon or often you want to take the exam. Just relax so you can think more clearly during the exam.. goodluck


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