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Myths: Flood and Dust

Some Filipinos believed in strange things. Of course, what do we all know in the first place anyway but what I find interesting is that most of them have strange reactions when corrected.

First, some believed that there’s no FLOOD in Europe and when news came about flood in Germany, people said: Ok, so you have flood but I am sure it is CLEAN flood still. Oh my goulash, I have never seen or heard of clean flood yet. EVER. Common sense should give you a picture that flood carries with it all things that it can like sewage, animal wastes, pesticides and all other agricultural runoff. I wonder what is people’s definition of “CLEAN”.

And yes, Europe has mosquitoes as well and plague usually follows after flood.


Another weird thing that some people believed is that there is NO DUST in Europe. That I would have an easy grand life now because there is not much to clean in the first place. So when I saw lots of dusts yesterday during my general cleaning, I just had to take a picture of it. Whoever made up stories that these things don’t exist here is a liar. 🙂


Some also believed that even if one is just a plain waitress here or doing whatever menial jobs available like cleaning houses, then you can afford a BMW car easily. 🙂 They don’t even know how draining health insurance can be. But anyway, it’s a bit tiresome to go over the details and tell them that Europe is not Utopia as what they like to believe.  Who am I to burst their bubbles?


2 thoughts on “Myths: Flood and Dust

  1. wow, I don’t remember health insurance being so insanely expensive in Germany… I remember I once went to the doc without insurance and the visit was like 20 Euro whereas in NY it would have been 10 times as much. So I was quite happy to have been let out so cheap…
    Sorry about the flood and dust. Dust exists everywhere humans are and German stereotypes need to be renewed… 😉


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