Getting my Limited Residence Permit

So I have been in Germany for 4 months now and my Fiance Visa has already expired last month. A few weeks after our July wedding, Mann called Ausländerbehörde / Alien Office (equivalent of Philippine’s Department of Foreign Affairs, DFA) to inform them about our case and avoid being an illegal alien in Germany. We then received a love letter from the Alien Office which contains application form for residence permit and list of requirements that should go with the form.

Requirements for getting a limited residence permit in my case were:
*registration and marriage certificate from our town’s Registrar
*copy of visa and passport data page
*proof of health insurance
*2 passport ID pictures
*completely filled up application form

For my proof of health insurance, we submitted my travel health insurance that has the same validity as my Fiance Visa. It should have been a German health insurance but getting this ticked from our checkbox is not quite easy for us (more about this later). Thankfully, the alien officer is not a fussy type so we did not bother explaining ourselves.

I wrote that it is a limited residence permit because it is only valid for 3 years or when my passport expires, whichever comes first. Mann actually called the alien office and inquired for how long my residence permit should be valid and officer informed us that we can write “3 Years” in our application form which we did of course because renewing the residence permit card costs money. We could have gotten away with this if only my passport will not expire by 2015 so my residence permit was automatically changed to match with the information in my passport. I don’t have any idea yet about the requirements for getting an unlimited residence permit because it is not yet applicable for me. I guess I need to show B1 German language proficiency certificate and proof of years being a resident in Germany. Whatever. I will post the details when I have a personal experience about it.


The residence permit is in a form of a credit card. Supposedly, it will take some weeks to get the card and pay 110 Euro fee but there was some technical / software / hardware errors that my card had been resent to Bundesdruckerei TWICE. After 2 months from date of application, we had to be at the alien office again because my temporary resident paper is already expired. And although there was still a problem with my third card because I was not able to encode PIN-codes but the alien officer gave it to me anyway. The good thing about all this problematic cards is that we were not asked to pay the card fee of 110 Euro. Yippey!


3 thoughts on “Getting my Limited Residence Permit

  1. At least it lasts three years and by then you’ll have figured out other things (an not asked for 110 euro fee?). Best of luck in everything!


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