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15 Hours Road Trip: Belgium and Back

We’ve been wanting to visit my sister for months now but we kept on postponing it due to distance. One would have thought that it is easier for me because I am just sitting pretty in the passenger seat but I’m the navigator so I cannot just doze off whenever I want. And since I’m not the best there is when it comes to map reading, we had to take some ugly U-turns once in a while.

We bought fuel short before leaving Germany and just as soon as we arrived in our return trip. Something to do with Mann paying his taxes in Germany. And what I noticed so far, everyone is driving like a maniac as soon as we are in Germany’s highway or the Autobahn. I wouldn’t think that this has partly to do with Economy but Mann’s theory is that some German like to show off their car and what better way to prove its speed than in Autobahn? Since Germany prided itself for producing good cars, hence the country is famous for having no universal speed limit. That is just a theory of course.

It is Mann’s first time to see Belgium and he was quite impressed with Antwerp, Brugge and Brussel. Belgium got lucky since a lot of its architectures were preserved still after the war. Anyway, other than seeing my sister and nephew again, I was most happy to be reunited with the following: Belgian fries, Belgian waffle with chocolate syrup and Belgian’s Bicky Rib Cheese Burger. 🙂







2 thoughts on “15 Hours Road Trip: Belgium and Back

  1. wow, your pictures look amazing!

    and yes, i can so relate to the pressures of being the navigator. a lot of times, out of sheer frustration, i wanna scream, “can we just stop for a bit so i can figure out where this stupid dot is going?!” lol. it’s funny but at the same time, it’s so not. i dread being put in the position of a navigator, mainly because i suck at directions.


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