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1st Trimester


As you know, we have timed and planned this pregnancy so when bloody visitor didn’t come on December, I knew something was brewing inside me. Still, I had my doubts because I was never sick at all. No nausea, no vomiting, back pains, no nothing although I have to concede that I got tired often, find the idea of eating anything fishy as bleehh, breast was terribly sensitive, have difficulty doing business #2 and just wanted to eat meat, meat and more meat.

On December 19, Mann finally bought a pregnancy test kit to stop our speculations and this is what it says: Schwanger 3+


Both of us were very happy of course but we kept the news within very close family members first because the first three months simply has higher risk of miscarriages. The body checks this new foreign fast-evolving cell and if deemed abnormal, simply ejects it out from the system.

By January, my breast was not hurting at all and I was not vomiting still. For a moment there, I was nervous about the loss of what little pregnancy sign I had and my imagination went haywire thinking that the embryo went kaputt. But on my first check up with the doctor on January 20, she confirmed that I was 10 weeks + 4 days pregnant with estimated due date of August 14. Crossing all of our fingers and toes that everything will be alright.

It is my first time to be pregnant and everything is new so what happened in my first prenatal visit is that the doctor asked me about my medical history, if I am taking any medicaments, if I drink or smoke. Next comes the vajayjay ultrasound and a pelvic exam (I think although I am not quite sure). All I know is that this doctor was holding this scary metal (speculum maybe?) and use it to open up my vajayjay. Later, blood was drawn from my arm enough to fill up 4 tubes which was supposedly for the “standard pregnancy test”. My urine sample was taken as well. Germans aren’t stranger to nudity so expect to be parading around the room sans pants and asked to sit on this chair until your vajayjay is right in front of the doctor’s long nose.

A week after the first prenatal, we went back to the clinic to get my Mutterpass. This is like a passport that contains all the information / results of tests about my pregnancy which I must bring with me whenever/ wherever I go. I don’t bring this passport with me to school however because I am afraid I might misplaced it one day.

So how much does our first pre-natal exam cost? Here’s the exact liquidation…

Auslagen nach GOÄ – 4,50 Euro
Glucose – 2,68 Euro
Blutgruppe – 20,11 Euro
Antikörper Suchtest – 9,38 Euro
TPHA test – 15,42 Euro
Röteln Ak IgG – 16,09 Euro
HIV u. ENV – 20,11 Euro
Toxoplasmose AK Suchtest – 15,42 Euro
Zytol. Untersuchung zur Krebsdiagnostik – 21.64 Euro
Krebs – Früherkennung, Frau – 42,90 Euro
Kolposkopie – 9,79 Euro
Schwangeren Erstuntersuchung – 40,22 Euro
Sonographie im Rahmen der Mutterschaftsvorsorge – 40,22 Euro
Blutentnahme, Vene – 4,20 Euro
Isol. DNA/RNA – 60,33 Euro
DNA Amplifikation C. trachomat – 33,51 Euro
Clamydien Sonde – 20,11 Euro

Total cost is 376,63 Euro or around 22,597.80 Philippine pesos.


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