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2nd Trimester

I will be entering my third trimester next week and so far, baby, papa and mama are doing fine. The highlights for my second trimester is my three visits to the Frauenartz (gynecologist) on weeks 16, 21 and 27.

Week 16 + 1 day
This visit is a quick one. Doctor mainly explained the result of all the tests taken during my one and only visit on 1st trimester. Tests results were all good according to her. Then urine, my weight, blood pressure, fundal height and baby’s heartbeat were measured. My stomach was already quite obvious because of my small stature and I have a weight increase of 1.3 kilo. Listening for the baby’s heartbeat was quite a suspense at first because it took awhile before it was detected and when we finally heard it, the heartbeat was at 147 per minute.

Total bill received for this visit was 30,16 €. Below are the details:
Reagenzträger – 3,35 €
Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung – 26,81 €

1966782_217640208435616_981208304_n My belly at 20 weeks

Week 21 + 1 day
We had our second ultrasound for this visit and we were hoping to find out the gender of our baby. The doctor said that we are having a girl but unfortunately, she is not 100% sure because the baby is very active and seems to be quite shy in spreading the legs wide. But anyway, everything else seems to be good according to the doctor and the baby has a weight of 384 grams already. Urine, weight, blood pressure and fundal height was again measured and I also had a pelvic exam.

Doctor prescribed me a Magnesium tablet to add to my Pregnancy vitamin supplements because I was suffering from leg cramps at night. She also gave me a FREE Vagisan which consist of 10 Vagina Capsule that supposedly helped in building a healthy Vaginal Flora. I have my doubts about this Vagina Capsule because I always believe that vagina is a “self-cleaning oven” so Mann and I had some discussions on whether or not we should follow the doctor’s advise. We first decided to just go with it and so one night before I have my sleep, I inserted one capsule inside with my clean finger. After a few minutes, Mann suddenly asked me if I can still take that capsule out because he just noticed that the Vagisan which the doctor gave us was already expired. Wonderful eh? I didn’t want to take it out however for fear of pressing it much deeper so we just decided to let it be. I wonder if these things only happen at the east side of Germany.

20140515_214828 With Expiration Date of 2013 – 12

Total bill received for this visit was 70,38 €. Below are the details:
Reagenzträger – 3,35 €
Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung – 26,81 €
Sonographie im Rahmen der Mutterschaftsvorsorge – 40,22 €

Week 27 + 5 day
The focus of this visit is mainly for the gestational diabetes screening. I was asked to drink this cup of warm, clear and very sweet water within 5 minutes and then timed myself for an hour before 3 tubes of blood was taken from me for this diabetes screening as well as Iron levels and whatnots. I felt a bit weird after finishing this cup of sweet liquid but thankfully, I did not puke at all as that would be a waste of time. I do not want the risk of having to make another appointment and do it all over again. Like before, my weight, fundal height, blood pressure and baby’s heartbeat was also measured. I have always a low blood pressure all throughout (around 90/50) but I am not so worried about it as long as I don’t have a fainting spell. Baby’s heartbeat has decreased to 133 bpm now which is normal as I am entering the last semester of Pregnancy. As for my weight, I am now at 46.9 kilo which is a 5.5 kilo increase from my pre-pregnancy weight of 41.4 kilo. The doctor also checked my cervix and said that it is still “fest geschlossen” or firmly closed. I didn’t feel any downward pressure at all and other than experiencing difficulty in breathing at times especially when I ate too much, I feel good.

I informed the doctor about the expired Vagisan she gave us and she said that I can just buy one for myself at the pharmacy. When Mann asked if there is really a need for it, she said that she can only recommend but the final decision is still up to us. I am voting for NOT following the doctor’s advise and Mann has no problem with it too.

Other than my big stomach, I am happy to say that the rest of my body is not a stranger to me still. Since December, I have been walking for about an hour about 3 times a week and doing this 40 Weeks of Fitness: Prenatal Workout Series with Lauren Huber in youtube also once or twice a week.. I aim not to have any swelling body parts at all as much as possible and be fit enough when the time comes to finally meet our new family member.

Total bill received for this visit was 50,92 €. Below are the details:
Reagenzträger – 3,35 €
Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung – 26,81 €
Blutentnahme, Vene – 4,20 €
Auslagen nach GOÄ – 4,50 €
BZ – Kurztest (Schwangere) – 2,68 €
Antikörper – Suchtest (Mu) – 9,38 €


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