Miss Vain

My Solution to Acne for Asian Skin in Germany

This post MIGHT be useful for asian woman from tropical and hot climate who moved to Northern Hemisphere where climate is cold and quite dry. Of course, I cannot guarantee that it will work for ALL because what works for me will definitely not always work with the next person.

So, I have been in Germany now for about a year and I can proudly say that Mann and I have finally found the solution for my skin problems. You see, when I arrived in Germany, pimples or pickles as they call it here started popping out like crazy. Mann was not happy having many white and sometimes yellow “eyes” staring at him and I was not happy having them on my face as well. We did went to a general doctor for a check-up as part of the requirements for getting a private health insurance for me and we were advised to get some skin care products at the apotheke (pharmacy). We tried several skin care products alright but none of them work until one time I insisted on getting Cetaphil.  At first, Mann has his doubts about this brand but after having my way (I know that Cetaphil is mostly recommended to my friends by dermatologists back in Philippines), Mann let me have my trial days with this brand.


I know the feeling of being desperate that whatever you do, nothing seems to be working so the more you try harder.  But when it comes to skin problems, trying harder does not usually work.  With this type of problem, it is important to BACK OFF and let it go.  Mann had to throw some drama just to get me to listen on this very important rule. So, instead of washing my face two times a day and applying so may creams and whatnots after, this became my routine:

Wash face only once just before I sleep with little amount of this Cetaphil gel and lukewarm water.
Apply Cetaphil Moisturizer Cream afterwards.

For the rest of the day, I only apply Cetaphil Moisturizer whenever I feel that my face is a bit too dry especially in the morning when I wake up. Also, I take precautions in answering the phone or whatever gadget that it will not come in contact with my face.  This includes my unwashed hands as well.

This routine works for me and started to clear my skin already but it does not completely eliminate those scary “eyes” really. Then one day, we realized that I am pregnant and we were looking for iron + folic acid vitamins for me. Mann found this nice product by Floradix but after reading the pamphlet, he learned that it is NOT suitable for lactose – intolerant people. Curious about the effects of lactose, Mann researched more about it and read that lactose could cause skin problems and bad farting smell (both of which are evident on me, shhhh…).

And that’s the day when Mann declared war on products that does not say “LACTOSE-FREE” whenever it involves me.

We become a bit more selective then with our shopping items which includes, two different types of milk, yoghurt, cheese, chocolate, ice cream and other dairy products.  Chocolate drinks from Starbucks or Coffee Fellows like my Schoko Shock Frappiato must not include Sahne or Cream.

Finally, I bid adieu to those scary pimples or “eyes”. But of course, there is no such thing as happily ever after really because although Mann likes to control my unhealthy food intake (he believed that I lack the self-control when it comes to my cravings) but when he is at work, I enjoy my cheat days once in a while. And when Mann makes some drama over one teeny-weeny “eye” on my face, I simply smile and say:

“Your baby forced me to eat milk chocolate the other day”. 🙂 Don’t you just love being pregnant at times?


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