Getting B1 Deutsch Certificate in Germany

A Deutsch-Test für Zuwanderer A2-B1 by TELC is to be taken after completing an integration course which I did last May 9, 2014. Registration for the exam was arranged by the school and I did not pay anything for it. Our teacher only asked us to choose a partner for the Oral part and our preferred schedule. I asked my classmate from Ukraine if she wants to be my partner because I can understand her accent when she speaks German and we volunteered to be the second team in the list.

How did I prepare for the exam? By not missing school, working on my homework by myself and studying everyday. On the last days just before the exam, I practiced taking mock exam online offered freely by TELC. My speaking partner and I also chat often through Skype to practice different situations such as organizing a party for a friend and the likes. I must admit though that I have weakness for the Hören part. Why? In class, I mostly hear the german versions in different accent of my classmates and my only source for good high Deutsch is from the teacher and the audio recordings we listened to once in a while. So, I have some panicky moment and wished that I listened to the CDs as well that comes with my book right from the very start.

I have doubts about passing the exam because we went through the book Schritte Plus 5 by Hueber in a very fast pace due to the lack of time and we did not even have the Schritte Plus 6. Mann was supportive enough to order me the books below from Amazon so I can prepare myself more.


As always, I was a nervous wreck during the exam but still able to go through the day without embarrassing myself by fainting or vomiting. The Oral part comes in three stages: Self-Introduction, Picture description and Organizing or Planning an event / Situational Problems. I can say that I was lucky during the Oral part because during school days, teacher often asked me about my pregnancy and guess what? Same questions were thrown at me by the female Examiner so I was able to answer it quickly enough. Picture description was basically stating how many people were there, what they were doing, what is the atmosphere like and my thoughts, ideas or similar personal experiences that I have related to the picture. In the last stage of the oral, ours was about insurance. Is having an insurance important for us, what are the different types of insurances, how do we get informed about the insurance and how do we apply for one. Thankfully, Mann and I had some issues with private health insurance at the moment so I knew a thing or two about it that I was able to give my opinions on the subject. Interesting how thankful and happy I was to have problems in the first place which helped me through that day don’t you think?

Anyway, more than a month later after the exam, I received an invitation to go back to school for the result and these are mine…

20140619_152858my first German certificate. 🙂

I know! I was quite surprised myself as well. Everyone actually get a certificate and depending on your score for each part of the exam, you will either get a certificate for Unter A2, A2 and B1. The aim is to get the B1 certificate of course because most companies asked for one if you apply for work and it is also a requirement for the permanent residence card.


Now that I got the B1 Certificate, time to request for a 50% refund. The website of BAMF (Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge) is important for immigrants like me so I always check it for any information or offers. And here I found the application form for the 50% refund. This application form was filled up and sent to the Regional Office in Chemnitz along with the confirmation letter on the Obligation to Attend an Integration Course from the immigration authority or Alien Office, the contract to study in the school and the receipts we paid for the course. At least we will get half of the 552 Euro we paid in total minus the books. Of course, the value of the money meant nothing to some people who just attend the course freely and does not mind too much if they fail or not.

How did I fare in my second exam called Leben in Deutschland? I don’t know yet. We were informed that BAMF will send the result directly to our home address so wir werden sehen…


12 thoughts on “Getting B1 Deutsch Certificate in Germany

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  2. Congrats Katlota…. naa lang koy pangutana…pwede ba ko mkaskwela dri Germany maski marriage visa akong gamit?waiting pa man gd mi sa akong fiance bahin sa akong documents…


  3. nakaka inspire naman po kayu maam..nag aaral din po ako and tomorrow is my exam for a1 then after summer holiday a2 and b1 review..pareho po tayu ng books but for now schritte plus 1 und 2 palang na review ko.penge po ng tips maam on how the b1 exam goes..salamat po..sana kagaya nyo po maipasa ko din ung B1..


  4. Hi Karlotta,

    just like to ask, have you received your refund even before taking Das Leben in Deutschland Test?

    In my mind, i should present the Integration Certificate first b4 claiming the refund.


    • If i remember it correctly, i got the refund after receiving b1 certificate… we went to the school to get the result and the teacher informed us about how to get the refund and where to send it… das leben in deutschland test took a long time to arrive.. over 2 months i think.


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