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3rd Trimester

I am now considered full-term at 38 weeks + 1 day and baby can pop out anytime now it deems fit but based from Frauenarzt assessment last week, it will still take some time. I am hoping it will happen soon because Mama Karlota gets tired easily these days already having to carry so much weight all the time.

Supposedly, visits to Frauenarzt this month until scheduled delivery is every 2 to 1 week but well, I do not see why we have to follow through as long as I don’t feel anything terrible so for the 3rd Trimester, we hope to have 2 visits with her only. We have registered ourselves in advance to the nearest hospital already so when the time comes, I need only to call Mann from work which is just 10 minutes away so he can take me to the hospital along with these papers (posted in our bulletin board) that will guide Mann to take the lead when I start to go wild. Papers include guidelines that I have taken from the internet such as Birth Process from Lamaze pdf coursebook; Breathing Techniques for Labor, Birth and Life; Positions for Labor during the first 2 stages and Geburtsplan. Someone told me that Mann and I do not need to know such things because we will just “KNOW” when the time comes but it is how we like to roll so we are doing it our way of course.


We have already informed ourselves in advance about the possible cost and here is what we learned:

Vaginal Geburt, ohne Komplikation – 1,100 Euro
Kaiserschnitt – 3,300 Euro

I am really hoping for the most boring, ordinary and uncomplicated vaginal childbirth as it is not only healthier but cheaper as well for everyone concerned.

Anyway, here is what happened with the 2 visits to Frauenarzt.

Week 32 + 6 day
We chose not to have our ultrasound anymore but due to low Iron levels, I had blood test for Iron and Hepatitis B. And as with all other previous visits, urine, my weight, blood pressure, fundal height and baby’s heartbeat were noted. I still haven’t experienced any swelling and my blood pressure is still at 90/50. My weight is still increasing with a total increase now of 6,7 kg. I have no way of knowing if baby is small or big and if he is still all normal inside there but like most mothers in Philippines, just have faith that all will be well.

Total bill received for this visit was 55,62 €. Below are the details:
Auslagen nach GOÄ – 4,50 €
HBs Antigen (Mu) – 16,76 €
Reagenzträger – 3,35 €
Blutentnahme, Vene – 4,20 €
Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung – 26,81 €

Week 37 + 0 day
I went to the Frauenarzt alone this time because my scheduled appointment was at 11:00 instead of the usual 7:45 in the morning. Usually, Mann does the talking with the doctor because my German skill is still not at par but this time, I was forced to try to understand what everyone was saying. During this visit, the doctor asked me if I am interested to have a Cardiotokographische Befunde or a CTG test which I did not have the last time because Mann said that it is not important. I did not know that the doctor asked us about this test before and I was curious why they wanted to ask me again when Mann already declined this test.  Still, I sent Mann a message about this CTG test which I first thought to be ZTG by the way and have the nurse explained to me what is this test all about and how much it would cost. I also asked the doctor if I needed this test but her response was “it is your decision”. What I mean to ask is, does she saw any problems in my pregnancy that warrants such test or is she just following through the Mutterpass blindly like some kind of a robot without a brain of its own? I understand that doctors are a bit afraid of being sued or whatsoever so they need to ask us about all sorts of tests but it would be nice if she could just explain it better rather than just saying “it is your decision” and make me feel that I am risking my baby if I do not take this test at all. Anyway, since I wanted for Mann and I to have one voice only outside our circle as much as possible, I declined this test again for the second time.

After all the drama about this test, we went back again to the usual monitoring of urine, my weight, blood pressure, fundal height and baby’s heartbeat. My blood pressure went up to 100/50 and I have now a total weight increase of 7,9 kg.

Have you ever heard of Perineum Massage? Mom never did but this was advised by the midwife at the hospital when we have pre-registered ourselves. Something that supposedly helps to prevent episiotomy or any tearing down there. I have read it somewhere before but I was just too shy to do it so I disregarded the idea but Mann said that we should give it a try. So everyday for some minutes starting this week, I am lubricating my thumb with our cooking oil and stretching the bottom part down there towards the direction of my rectum. Mann wanted to participate by the way and do the massaging himself as well but I am feeling kind of shy so I insisted on doing it by myself in the only way I know best, slowly but surely. 🙂

Total bill received for this visit was 30,16 €. Below are the details:
Reagenzträger – 3,35 €
Schwangerschaftsuntersuchung – 26,81 €


7 thoughts on “3rd Trimester

  1. The baby is coming soon… I am so excited for you and your husband! I know that everything will be fine. You, your baby, and your safe delivery will be in prayers. Take care!


  2. Hi there! I really enjoyed your blog. Actually we are in the same trouble: my wife is at 32 weeks pregnant nownow and we do not have an health insurance. We are trying to understand how much will cost us to deliver a baby here in Berlin…


    • ask the hospital or birth house for an estimated cost for childbirth.. for normal birth, we were informed that it cost 1100 euro for 1 day stay.. we ended up paying 1740 euro in total for 3 days stay. birth house was an hour from our place so it was out of question. if your wife is fit fit, walking and yoga to the last minute will really make labor easier and quicker and helps baby in good position also so it helps.. and you need to be active childbirth partner.. i did not need any painkiller drugs thanks to my husband’s help. goodluck and wish you both the best.


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