Passing the Leben In Deutschland Exam

As mentioned in previous post about Integration Course in Germany, the second test that I took to fully “graduate” from this course is the Leben in Deutschland Test. Passing this test means getting a score of 17 out of 33 which is a requirement for Einbürgerung (Naturalization) if you want to obtain a German passport. This test is supposedly your proof that you have obtained sufficient knowledge of legal and social system of Germany.


This test is quite easy to pass really because it involves familiarization or memorization only of some 300 questions on Germany’s history, politics and culture + 30 questions that is specific for each Bundesland (depending on which Bundesland you belonged to) that the BAMF has prepared to which only 10% of it will come out which is why the perfect score is 33.

Questions can be easily found in BAMF website and I found the answers to the questions in Einbürgerungstest..

Although it is possible to just basically memorize the test and pass the exam but I enjoyed my time going to school and learning more in details about Germany especially its history and politics. I was sure that I will pass the exam but I did not expect that I will get a perfect score because I was mostly busy studying for the B1 Deutsch exam at that time. Mann joked that I am a nerd for getting a perfect score but hey, I do NOT get a perfect score that often so I am quite pleased with myself.

Leben in Deutschland Certificate is the second certificate I received in Germany and it took more than 2 months to get the result. So what’s next? I do not think I will be able to get a permanent resident card yet because it requires certain number of years of stay still in Germany but that is alright. The next plan is to deliver the baby and play Mutti for some months.



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