My Childbirth Experience: Hello Mira

We have been discussing on our options in case Pregnancy goes beyond 42 weeks when I woke up with a bit of blood on my underwear on August 20. We decided to go to the Hospital then to check if everything is still good.  After cardiotocography and ultrasound, all are still normal so we were sent home with a schedule to return on August 25 for another monitoring. The doctor informed us that I might have to go through a Cesarian because of my “small hips”. My hips as well as the hips of millions of other Asian women are just fine doctor and many were still able to give birth naturally.  This visit cost us 119,13 Euro.

The rest of the day went by as it normally would. Mann went to work and I went home to watch a movie after cleaning our messy apartment. At 9 in the evening, I started feeling weird like I have an intense urge to remove my bowels. An hour later, I experienced the same feeling again and that’s when Mann decided to time this “urge of removing my bowels”. I was sure that for first time mothers, labor takes time so I thought I will be seating on the toilet for the rest of the night and that we will just go to the hospital early tomorrow morning but things happened quite quickly because I was having this “urge” every 5 minutes already by midnight. At 1 in the morning of August 21, we headed for the hospital and arrived there with a 4 cm dilation.

In a dim-lighted room, there was just the midwife, my husband and writhing-in-pain me. I do not think I have truly and whole-heartedly know for sure that I really trust a man until that time with my husband as my active birth partner.  He was giving me soothing back massage that eases the pain, gave me liquids in between contractions because I was really parched from thirst, helped me change positions, translated what the German midwife wanted me to do and in a strong, calm voice reminded me to breathe in slowly instead of my panicky ones.  Looking back, I can say that giving birth is not that bad at all and its because of Mann who helped me through with it.


Pushing the baby out took some time for me because I keep forgetting to breathe in deeply first and if I did manage to do that, it was not that deep enough that I am always out of breathe after just one push. Still, by some miracle and without epidural or episiotomy although I have a small tear that needs to be stitched, a small but nevertheless a human being finally came out of my vajayjay at 5:35 AM and it was a girl.

Remember my previous post on how we supposedly planned for a baby girl? Well, not really 100% sure if our method worked but we were both happy that it did.

Anyway, her name is Mira and she was born on August 21, 2014 at 5:35 AM weighing 3110 pounds and 51 cm in length.


After birth, I was asked to pee which I did manage fine except for some assistance in putting on some pads. I lost some blood and I cannot walk properly without falling over so I was riding a wheelchair while Mann pushed Mira’s bed and we were on our way to the buffet station for my breakfast. I went to sleep after that with Mira rooming in and Mann went home also for a few hours to catch some sleep.

I breastfed Mira right from the very start and although there was a little bit of pain on the nipples but it was nothing compared to the belly contractions which was supposedly just normal as the uterus tries to get back to its pre-pregnancy shape although I look very much like 4 months pregnant still after birth. Nurses at the Hospital do not have time to be gentle so after this one particular nurse changed Mira’s diaper, I forced myself to learn quickly so I can do it myself next time.

I wanted to get out of the hospital after 2 days but Mann thought to make it a 3-day anyway to be sure sure.

My total bill for the childbirth was 1740,36 Euro and Mira’s bill for all her tests was 819,85 Euro.

All babies in Germany get a Kinder-Untersuchungsheft. It is a notebook which summarizes all the tests the children must go through called U1 – U9. U1 and U2 were done at the hospital already and cannot wait for Mira’s U3 test as an assurance for me that I haven’t done anything stupid in Mira’s first month of life.

On Sunday afternoon of August 24, Mira and I finally went home and for the first time, we were together in our little apartment.

P.S. Hemorrhoid, one of my souvenirs from vaginal birth, is not fun at all.


11 thoughts on “My Childbirth Experience: Hello Mira

  1. Congratulations!!! 🙂

    Wow! It’s been a while since I visited your blog and such great news as I welcome myself back to checking you out. 🙂 Pwerteng mahala manganak diha, Sis. Mura’g Cesarian Op diri ang rate. But it’s all worth it. The important thing is you and your baby came out safe from the hospital.

    Welcome to motherhood! 🙂 Hehehe


  2. I congratulate you.
    I wonder why you are not required to have health insurance.
    If you hold a residence permit valid for more than 12 months, you should fall under the mandate in § 5 XI SGB V.


    • It was required and i submitted travel insurance while processing private insurance which takes time because private insurance company requires lots of things like history of coverage and so on..


  3. Omg what an experience and an expensive one too! I’m glad you and the baby are fine. Welcome, Mira, to the world. Congratulations to both of you on being the proud parents of a little girl. All the best with the upbringing!


  4. Wow! Soo sweet and adorable photos of your baby girl and hubby sleeping beside each other! 🙂 I’m sure you are now much more inspired in life for having your own cute family together! Gratuliere and God bless 😉


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