Diary of My Fittonia

I have decided to keep an online “diary” of all my plants detailing its life from “birth” (either bought from store or stolen from someone’s garden) to its demise in my incapable and sometimes sadistic hands. In this way, I will have a personal record of my journey as a gardener.

A gardener. Hmm, somehow, I do not remember telling the teacher back when I was a kid in Philippines that I wanted to be a gardener when I grow up. People tend to look down at such dreams because nobody thinks someone could be a millionaire with it. But here I am, a gardener. And if I just forget or not think at what other people especially family and friends in Philippines might think, I am happy by myself and at my small zero-income generating projects.

So, back to Fittonia which is bought from Kaufland for around 1 Euro. We have blumenerde (soil for flowering plants) and after transferring it to a draining pot (it has holes at the bottom to prevent rotting of roots), I placed it outside our balcony. Please do not ask me about types of soil whether it is slow nutrient releasing or whatever, any fertilizer used and other crazy stuff. What the fuck do I know about all that shit. I will mention them specifically if I knew it but otherwise, pffft!

Day 4

Color of the leaves turned whitish. My solution is to transfer it inside because it might be too sunny for my fittonia and to cut the ugly white “burned” leaves so that the plants can focus its energy to live. Do not, I repeat, do not embarrass me Fittonia you by dying on me after 4 short days only!


On the other hand, I have another reddish Fittonia that has been kept indoors although the pot does not have a hole underneath but I feel that it is thriving because I kept seeing small leaves growing. I just water it twice a week because as I said, the pot has no way to drain water out and I do not like smelly rotting roots.


It is amazing how I would wake up every morning and look at each of my plants to see which one of them have survived to live another day with karlota, the not so expert gardener. Buwahaha!

February 1, 2016
I have decided to terminate and not grow Fittonia anymore. I find it a bit too much of a delicate drama queen for someone who does not have a lot of time like me. 🙂


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