Growing Peppermints from Cuttings

We love peppermint. I find so many uses for its leaves from our latest favorite summer drink called Mosquito (lime, peppermint,sugar, ice and water) to desserts like homemade peppermint choco pudding and ice cream. But our old peppermint plant is dying and its flavor and scent getting weaker (mints needed to be replanted after 3 to 4 years) so, before it dies from negligence, I took some cuttings and placed them in a bowl filled with water.


1. Cut some inches from the top part of the mints.
2 Get rid of the leaves found at the bottom of the stem until there are just 3 or 4 left so the plant can focus its energy on growing roots.
3. Soak in water and wait until you see roots before transferring them to the soil.

The rule of thumb for propagating mints is not a myth after all because I see it worked right under my nose. And it only took 2 weeks instead of 2 months as I first expected.

Roots have grown not just at the tip of the cuttings but along the bottom part of the stem where leaves used to be. I have actually seen roots after 10 days but thought to wait some days to get more roots.


After exactly 2 weeks since I put them in a bowl of water, I transfered them to a soil. I knew I should have waited longer but I got an itch that needs to be scratched. And that is how it finally met its death. Or so Mann thought but they are thriving and until now, still very much alive and kicking. Truly, peppermints is one of the easiest herb to grow. Since winter is coming soon, I will be moving my mint along with most of my plants indoor by the window. I just hope then that they will survive Mirang because she has a habit of pulling my plants up and then proudly give it to me. 😦


October 10, 2015:
These peppermints died. I guess it has gotten too cold for them before they can actually grow enough strong roots. Will try again next year in the spring next time instead of doing it in the autumn.


2 thoughts on “Growing Peppermints from Cuttings

  1. I tried propagating mints too. Just like yours, they got roots after 2 weeks or less. After few months, they were eaten by insects 😢


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