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Finding Bachforelle

Mann searched high and low for this “beautiful” fish as he calls it. I have never looked at fish for its beauty but for its taste so hair at the back of my neck was rising when I first heard him say that. I guess he has the same issue whenever he sees or hears me talk about my “beautiful” plants.

Bachforelle or river trout seems to thrive in clean river that is closer to the mountains. At least Mann did not have any luck for it anywhere near us except in Triebisch, Meißen. He might have more chance catching Bachforelle in Chemnitz but sadly, they are protected by the state.

Although, Mann caught lots of bachforelle in Triebisch, only one was more than 30cm big and it was our dinner for that night. Very lami (delicious) and it tasted clean and healthy. This made me realized that Mann was able to put food in our table with his hobby several times now and I feel like I needed to meet the challenge by getting something edible from my garden too instead of just having silly flowers.

Under the fishing rules of the Republic of Germany, fishing for Bachforelle is only from May to September so Mann has some catching up to do in the next few days in Meißen. Good thing they are having winefest this weekend too so there is something for Mirang and me as well.







How I cooked our Bachforelle:
Mann cleaned the fish good and sliced it open. Rub a bit of oil, lemon, salt, pepper, soya sauce combination all over the fish as well as the inside. Then fill the inside of the fish with lots of onions, tomatoes and lemon. Wrap in aluminum foil to lock the moisture then and bake at 200C for 20 to 30 minutes. Serve with rice and a dipping of onion, tomato, soy sauce and vinegar. Sehr Lecker!


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