Saving the Elephant’s Tongue

Mann surprisingly has a collection of exotic plants and they are all in different arrays of near-death conditions like this Haemanthus albiflos plant or otherwise known as elephant’s tongue, elephant ear or paintbrush plant.

I do not know what to do with this plant because in the beginning, I do not even know its name. But when Mann said something about a “tongue”, we were finally on a first name basis after a bit of research.

Hallo, Elephant tongue. Wie geht es dir? Nicht so gut no? Keine Sorge. Supergardener karlota ist endlich hier für dich. 🙂


Mann said that I could throw it away if I wanted to because he does not have any sentimental value with it. But I feel like I will be throwing money you know. Anyways, after closer inspection, I thought I see a “baby elephant ear” and I got excited with the idea that it is multiplying and thriving after all at the base.

After reading about how to take care of this plant and propagating its offsets, I got a headache from all the drama involved like disinfecting a sharp knife with alcohol, cleaning the wounds with sulfur, blah, blah, blah. What I did is just slowly tug the baby thingy away and just stick it in the dirt beside its mama so it will not be lonely. I am hopeful that this plant will live since I read that it has extreme tolerance for neglect. 🙂


Update: October 26, 2015
It’s been more than a month only though feels like forever and the more I looked at this plant, the uglier it appears to me. So I try to avoid it in case I get a sudden itch to hurl it from our balcony until one time, I realized that new leaves are forming from the mother plant and then it becomes a pretty plant once again. This plant is full of surprises.

As for its baby offsets, I FINALLY saw two small roots today and that gives me hope. I cannot wait to have a pot full of elephant tongues. Make more babies mother elephant oy!



2 thoughts on “Saving the Elephant’s Tongue

  1. you’re getting really serious with your gardening experiments now, huh? i wish i’d have the energy to start doing the same, especially now that the weather’s starting to warm up.


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