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Where is my Pike Video???

That was the question asked by an addict to another addict who is busy with her own addiction in the balcony.

Our life before used to be simple and stress-free you know. Too stress-free that it is becoming quite stressful. How weird is that? I mean, Mann will come home after work and found to have more time still in his hands before it is time to hit the bed. Everyone got time and it could get very boring so to have some spice in our lives, we started picking on each other’s oddities.

I would have to say that fishing and gardening saved us from strangling each other. And I guess we began to value more having to spend quality time with the family because it is a bit more limited now than before.

Catching a 60cm pike or Hecht last July for the first time in his life was actually what made Mann hooked into this whole thing. And in just 2 months, he has gotten already 5 of them. Too bad they do not taste as good as Bachforelle.

Below is Mann’s latest 50cm catch that he likes to see over and over again hence, this post.




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