Vertical Garden ist Da

So maybe I will finally have a good sleep now that I got this thing out of my system and into my balcony. Or maybe not because just a while ago, I saw picture of indoor lemon tree and its loaded with yellow goodies called tadang… lemons! I wanna have that too. But it is 22:00 and will be sleeping soon, if I can that is, so it will have to wait until tomorrow when Mira and I can go to Kaufland and buy some lemons for its seeds.

I can see that this is going to be an unending fixations. I just hope that I am still in control of me and that I know my priorities before this thing gets out of hand. That I wouldn’t turn psycho whenever Mira bothers me in my gardening time.

About my vertical garden, I got it done in the cheapest way possible. I got the 3 pots as soon as I saw them because they were in black, made of clay, has a hole underneath and at the price that I like: 7 Euro in total from Tedi. Perfect combination. As for the plants, I got them all from Kaufland for around 1 to 2 euro each.


All the plants in this vertical thingy are “winterharte” which means that they grow or remain healthy during winter because I am hoping to have something “lively” in my balcony when the depressing freezing season comes. Other than my winterharte plants, I have several bulbs planted too in 3 containers which makes me excited for the spring and summer in a different level.

My winterharte plants here are: conifers, hebe mix, heathers, cyclamens and asters. I will be taking out the succulents you see at the top because they will not survive the winter. Anyway, my vertical garden is finally here and hopefully will stay for years to come.


3 thoughts on “Vertical Garden ist Da

  1. like you, i also want an indoor lemon tree. the dwarf version. but then i did some research and apparently, it still needs a lot of sun. and some more maintenance here and there, like having to pollinate it or something so it would bear fruits.

    i’ll see how you go about it and if you’re successful, i might just ask you for some advice.


    • Yup, hand pollinate and other shit that i do not care to do… i plan to put it out in our balcony every now and then to have nature do their business.. we will see if i get it done as i have envisioned it… i can be quite ambitious after all. 🙂


      • yeah, i think that would be the easier way. everything else just seems like it’s a lot of work. anyhow, keep us posted on how it goes. i’m interested to know if it works out or not.


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