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The Very Regulated Fishing in Germany

I guess it is fair to say that fishing in Philippines is a piece of cake. Simply find your water, sit (or stand whatever you fancy), throw your fishing line and that’s it. No permit, no fees, no drama. The bad side of this is that it is prone to abuse and people tend to look down at the idea of fishing. I mean, if one hears that only the richest in Philippines go fishing because it is a very expensive sport then everyone will probably have second thoughts before making fun about it.

In Germany however, fishing is such a huge pain in the toot. It is not my personal experience but after hearing what Mann has to go through and has to keep on doing just to be able to fish, I was nosebleeding here! Gardening is better. It is easy, cheap and definitely no exam to pass or obligations to do some cleanups! So, if I remember it correctly, there are 2 things needed for this hobby:

Pass an exam to get a fishing license
A total of 60 random questions out of 600 are to be answered here. One can attend classes but Mann does not have the time to do that so he learned on his own. Its the cheapest way to go too. So, Mann registered himself for the test and after a month of studying, he just went to the office and sit for the exam. Score was 57 / 60. BOOOO! 🙂 Guess he is not that much of a nerd compared to me. This fishing license is valid for life just like the driving license.


Get a Fishing Permit

Fishing license and fishing permit. Sounds the same to me but it means two different things. The first one is already discussed above while the second one means fishing permit for a specific body of water in a region. One can either get a tourist permit and pay like 10 Euro per day or join a fishing club for a specific region and pay a yearly membership. A club in Brandenburg is much cheaper compared to a club in Sachsen but since membership includes some responsibilities like cleanups, meetings, competitions, etc., Mann decided for the Sachsen club instead and he got this Sächsischer Angler Mitgliedskarte as well as a Fangbuch.


What is a Fangbuch? It is a logbook where Fishermen writes down the details of their catch like dates, code for the body of water where they did their fishing and info of the fish that they took out from the water. This book is important and they take it seriously. So serious that when Mann forgot to bring a pen one time, he used the blood of the fish as its ink. How poetic is that?

At the end of the year, this Fangbuch will be returned to the club so officials have some idea if the waters have been abused or not and that there are still fishes left for the coming years. As I said, very regulated.



Mann has been a fisherman officially for 2 months now and winter is coming. But I doubt if the freezing climate will stop him. If there are clothes available to keep people warm in the north or south pole, Mann is very sure that there are proper clothes available too to keep the fishermen from freezing. It is just a question of money. But I doubt if he will go overboard on it, cheapskate that he is. He is an engineer after all first and foremost so I am sure he will find a cheaper way to keep himself warm. Anyway, fashion and fishing rarely goes together especially if only the fishes are his sole witness to how he looks.


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