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Refugees in the House

Weekend was spent with the president aka bestman. He was interested enough to learn about fishing and Mann was happy to finally have a padawan. They make a perfect couple for the two days at least because I prefer staying in the house doing nothing but sleeping, eating and going for a walk with Mirang. I like to declare holiday especially if Mann is not working too. 🙂


The president and Mann had a satisfying fishing trip after catching a Hecht and several Plötze which we enjoyed Sunday evening. I am happy for them and I am happy for me being able to eat a fried fish that was coated with flour and spices.

We have seen the effects of global warming that weekend when we did not see much water in our pond. It was the first time the water was gone like that since the pond was made so it was a bit interesting to see it. And of course, there was not much fish left. Whatever there was left got saved by Mann. Soft-hearted that he is who doesn’t mind getting all muddy for them. Not me, the Oma, or the bestman cared enough to do the dirty job. They could die for all I care you know mean-hearted that I am.



And that is how we had our first pet, Karausche, from the carp family. We brought home 6 of them and has been our refugees for a day now. Good thing it is a robust fish because we do not plan to give it any special attention. So far, we bought a 7 euro plastic container, sands and food of course. I am on a mission though to find water plants for our very cheap aquarium which is the only reason my interest got piqued in this whole refugees idea.

Hopefully, the fish will thrive in our home until Mira is big enough to feed them herself. If not, then not. 🙂

Update: November 10, 2015
The 6 fishes are still alive for over a month now by the way. I clean the whole container and change water every two weeks or so to keep it from smelling too ugly. About the airplane, Mirang just dropped it in the aquarium one day. Good thing, there was no casualties from the crashed plane.


2 thoughts on “Refugees in the House

  1. Hi!! I’m visiting your blog. Funny post. Refugees. But the real situation ofcourse is not funny. I love karpfen! When its in season i go to the restaurant and buy them gerne! I eat them with rice so i prefer them zum mitnehmen. Machs gut!


    • Thanks.. i am not sure if i have eaten a carp.. 😦 will look into that.. the freshwater fishes we catched and cooked does not have much taste.. in the end, we just tasted the soy sauce, onions and vinegar.. 😦


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