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Marmorkuchen mit Weizenkleie vom Küchenmeister

Breakfast for Mira and me usually involves Haferflocken (oatmeal), milk, yoghurt and fruit of the day. Some might want to offer their kid the freedom to choose on what they would like to eat and yes, it is a good thing but I do not want to go overboard on this “freedom to choose” idea. Mostly, I prefer on what is available instead of busting my ass to go get something else just because my baby asked for it. So, while Mira can choose between water, milk, tea, or nothing at all, my haferflocken stays. Because I said so. Bwahahaha!

It feels good to be the Dick-tador for once whenever the real Dick-tador in the family is not around. 🙂


While doing grocery the other day, I saw this Weizenkleie and believe it to be a healthy choice. It is rich in iron, magnesium, zink and fiber. Very good for the large intestine. So I bought one and mixed it with Haferflocken for our breakfast. Although it feels a bit weird in the mouth with this bitsy bits but tastes good enough. And Mira ate it too. Not that she has a choice on this matter. 🙂

On reading the box of this Weizenkleie, I saw two receipes and wanted to try one of them especially since I have HALF of the ingredients listed except for this 2 cl Stroh-Rum. I thought to just ignore that 2 cl because the amount looks negligible anyway. The recipe calls for 175C for around 1 hour which I will ignore also. Who bakes that long anyway? Talk about a waste of electricity. So, for the recipe that I used:

100 gram Butter
80 gram Zucker
dash of Salt
2 Pack Vanille-Zucker
2 Eggs
150 gram Flour
30 gram Weizenkleie
1 tsp Backpulver
62 ml Milk
1 Tbsp Kakao

My Marmorkuchen was baked at 100C for about 30 minutes and I liked the taste. It is not annoyingly sweet and goes well with my hot chocolate drink. I do not know what difference this Stroh-Rum which I excluded will do but I do not feel like I am missing anything without it.

Did you notice the flowers and plants in the picture????? Aren’t they pretty? 🙂


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