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When Mann is Away

When two dick-tadors live under one roof for some time, almuranas (hemorrhoid) attacks. So whenever I get tired of sitting on one butt cheek, I tell Mann to go visit his son. And because he LISTENS and OBEYS his wife, he took my word for it and booked a ticket. Makes me wonder who is the real dicktator in this household.

As Mann prepares for his trip, the frau is counting the days too for the almuras-and-dicktador free days. But on the day that he left, I actually cried? What a puss. But maybe its because I only saw 40 Euro on the shelf. Son of a bloody cheapskate! I do NOT want to use my card. Why is that so difficult to understand? Greedy me just want to save, save and save while spending only the money found on the shelf and in his trousers. Sigh, when two cheapskate collides, it can be quite interesting as well.

Moving on, I believe Mira and I are enjoying our peaceful retreat. We sir, are not pining away due to Mann’s absence because our lives does not only revolve around him. Because when the Dicktador is away, the frau and mini dickator will play as well:

Mirang and Mama at Krabbelgruppe
Along with the mother, babies from 0 to 3 can join a krabbelgruppe for social purposes. It is a one hour thing per week where babies can meet other babies and maybe the mothers can interact too. But I am a little bit sceptical about me actually having any connections with the other mothers because estrogen-loaded creatures can be quite tricky (as if the egoistic testerone-charged yetis are any better). Anyway, who would have thought that activities like this entails some pressure too because mothers are sizing up the others and their babies from heads to toes. At least, I think that way because it is what I do and surely others do the same thing. I don’t go hullabaloo about “NOT comparing” anything always because that would be a lie. Social comparison theory tells us that people have a drive to gain accurate self-evaluations which is obtained by comparing ourselves to anything / anyone. And my idea is that the more selfish or egoistic we are, the more we compare ourselves to make sure we are not left behind.



Well, what do you expect with two women in the house? The thing is, we only have C & A, Charles vögele and Ernsting’s family nearby which can be quite limited. Online shopping solve this problem. And I am surprised at how efficient and quick they process your order. Too quick in fact for my own taste. I mean, I was just feeling fabulous one day and thought to try it out so I went online and click, click, click. The next day, the postman arrived with my box. Oh my goulash, what have I done? I tried all of them (a pullover, a PU jacket and a Wolle Mantel) and made a fashion show for Mira’s benefit but I had to return the Wolle Mantel that afternoon because I feel like I was wearing an oversized blanket instead of a Mantel even at size XS. The rest I kept because they were on sale and considerably cheaper. Becoming a fashionista is one expensive hobby that is difficult to maintain especially since I do not have a job of my own. Not that I was much of a fashionista back in Philippines when I still had my old job. Normally, I do not mind being a schlümpfe but it can be annoying to hear comments about it.

“Thriller, filler and spiller” are the three things I kept hearing about when I was researching on container gardening and decided to apply it. The idea is to arrange the plants in a way that you put taller plants at the back instead of at the center, the showcased plant at the center of course and plants that “spill” should be at the front to create an illusion of going beyond the good old pot. I cannot apply this thing in all my containers because I have more small pots than big ones but at least I have pots that represent this kind of arrangement.


River Cruise, StadtBahn Tour, etc.
After breakfast and lunch, Mira and I go out. Either to the park, to the spielplatz, to Roma eis or to wherever Mira had in mind for the day. We tried getting on a boat to get us across the river, had a joyride with the StadtBahn from the giant penis of a monument to the cityhall and basically enjoying our lovely little town. The weather has been very lovely too so it feels good not to be cooped up inside like some frigging chickens. Not that I mind being at home but Mira gets bored with just old Mama so off we go outside and see the world. We skyped with Mann every lunch time as much as possible but otherwise, we are mostly out of reach.


Reading while doing my Private Business
Mann bought the book Cloud Atlas for me just before he travelled and I am happy to be reading a book that I wanted to read. A book of my own for myself and not just old books from Mann that I have to try to digest without falling asleep. And the good part is that I can finally read it also while doing my private business. Somehow, I cannot do this with Mann around because there are just so many things to do and so little time to do them. But since he has been away, I do not care much about cleaning and cooking that often so I have time to sit back and relax in the toilet seat with my latest favorite book at hand whenever Mira is asleep. And I enjoyed the book Cloud Atlas by the way especially on the ghastly ordeal of Timothy Cavendish. There is something about fiction books written by British authors that I like very much.


So, Mann has been away for some days now and one might ask if we missed our lovely Dicktador. It would be a lie if I said that we do not miss him at all what with bills piling up :P. Our world may not completely revolve around him but he is a big part of our world and things are not the same without him. But I do enjoy my break with just me and my daughter while Mann get to experience becoming a full-time father with his son too. As for my almuranas, it will always be there and guess I needed to stop blaming it on Mann.


2 thoughts on “When Mann is Away

  1. Sis i stopped going to krabbelgruppe long time ago. I felt left out. My german wasn’t better then too. Anyways i love this post. -julie


    • yes, i feel left out too but i have to persevere one painful krabbelgruppe meeting at a time. 😦 it is good for mira and i know that i will learn a thing or two also.


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