The Next 100 Years by Friedman

Mann has returned from his father duty for more than a week now and guess what he brought home? Some Filipino foods given by mom, some seeds for me to experiment on, dresses for his women and most of all books. Very good books, I might add because I have been busy with them since.


So, my current read is this book called The Next 100 Years by George Friedman and it is not the first time I have read Friedman because once I made a blog also about his Next Decade. You know, 3 years ago, I would have immediately declared book like this as my official sleeping pill. I guess I have changed. But I am telling you that this change did not come easy. A lot of internal struggles were involved between the old familiar ways and the scary new. And since decisions have to be made, here I am enjoying “deep” books and finding the old harlequins, sweet valleys, hardy boys and the likes quite silly now. And I would definitely find it embarrassing if I am still not over disney’s fairytale and the desire to be a princess at my age.

If you have noticed, my tweets lately came from snippets that I find interesting as I read through The Next 100 Years. I am far from being an expert and it is important to remember also that Friedman is NOT infallible so whatever is his opinions about Japan, Turkey, Poland and Mexico rising up to challenge North America that could possibly lead to the next global war, is a subject for debate. I mean, if he can come up with reasons for his conclusions, I am sure the next wannabee experts can also come up several if not more to contradict them all.

As for me however, I am interested with bits and pieces every now and then such as:

– how America is a warlike country whose involvement in wars has been increasing

– the possibility that changes in women’s lifestyles be one of the main causes for religious wars.

– how having ten children are viewed once as a godsend, to being a burden to becoming a catastrophe in this century.

– how weak the fickly “love” is to make the marriage last without economic needs to go with it.

At the moment, I am still on page 59 of this book so these are some of the tidbits that I can share and I cannot wait to finish the whole book.

How about you? Read the book already?


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