Duterte for 2016 Philippine Presidential Election

After several drama of whether to run or not this coming May 2016 election, Duterte has finally filed his certificate of candidacy for president of the Philippines. I should be ecstatic because with him, I believe that Philippines has a worthy candidate at last. But as I try to google for the website of the Philippine Embassy in Berlin to get more information about being an overseas voter, it turned out that registration was already closed since October.

Yes, putang ina ko, how can I vote if I am not a registered voter punyeta ko! 🙂

I hope that those who can vote will use their privilege wisely no?. Like by NOT voting Duterte no?. This video below will tell you why no? And honestly speaking no? I love this video no? It listed out 6 reasons of why you should vote other candidates other than duterte no?

From what I remembered on speech class, this guy made several mortal sins in giving a “good” speech that could drive my teacher to an earlier grave. But pak you ka speech rules inventor! Who cares about do’s and dont’s when you got a personality and lots of attitudes. 🙂

Seriously, I hope Duterte will win. Because to the best of my brain’s analysis, nobody else is better out there.


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