Merry Christmas Blog

We have bought our first and official Christmas tree as a family. And to fit with our ideas, it has to be a plant. Something that will change and grow also along with us, all year round.


As festive Christmas might be, I do not mind skipping it and just wake up to a brand new year. And all because we have made some wonderful plans e.g. 3 weeks holiday trip this March, perhaps a different kind of a celebration for our 3rd wedding anniversary and possibly becoming a family of 4. Plans are subject to change of course depending on weather conditions but the mere thought that we have plans being prepared keep us excited, happy and busy. Goals always do that.

But since “he who controls the past controls the future”, according to deary Orwell in 1984, I would like to take some time and look back of how life was from today. And the conclusion is: so far so good.

Truth be told, I cannot think of anything that I would have moved mountains for just to change something in my past. Other than the fact that it is utterly pointless anyway, I have only to look at my present to know that I made some very good decisions at least and that is enough for me. Sure, others might have different opinions and even dare to try to shove their expectations and beliefs down to our throats but whatever it is that they might think about us, is not our concern. What matters is that we sleep well and that we are at peace.

So what of my present that I am grateful for? My husband and daughter. The rest are negligibles.


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