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Bye Bye 2015

Mann has finally said goodbye to his fishing rods (for this year anyway only to resume next year), so thought to do the same with my blog.

I know, I haven’t blogged for quite some time. I guess I lost a bit of interest. That and thinking of starting a new blog for the new year. But then again, why bother going to so much trouble of starting fresh if I know deep inside that it will just be dumped and discarded all over again. Maybe I should just stop taking it out on my blog and instead face the reality that it is my head who needed a brainlift.

Difficult task but NEVER impossible. How? By giving it a month until it become a hobby. I heard that 21 days is enough though to create a hobby but since I wanted to be sure sure, I decided to go for a month. On what? Well, do you know how hard it is to control my tongue and fingers from typing away my emotions? It is like trying to go for a run without peeing. Very difficult after my vajayjay spat out my daughter but as I said, never impossible. I do not aim for perfections of course so expect some misses every now and then but rest assured, I am trying! One run at a time that is.


So what’s up with us the last few days? I enjoyed pinoy foods back to back on our trip to Brandenburg to spend Christmas with the schwiegermutter. Crispy pata and then Tapsilog at two different restaurants: Pinoy Restaurant at Danckelmannstraße 49 and Pan Restaurant at Marienburgerstraße 38. Both restaurants have their highs and lows depending on your own idea for what a restaurant is supposed to be but as for me, I am happy with them and would love to go back to either of them over and over again.


New year is spent at home in a very low key fashion with me cooking Humba served with Knödeln and Rotkohl, a mix of both Filipino and German foods. Recipe of Humba was more or less a replica of Vanilla Housewife’s except that I used half of 0.5% Tafel Essig (vinegar) instead of a cup. For dessert, I chose leche flan that was baked with a water bath using the simplest ingredients as possible:

400 ml schlagsahne
100 ml Kondensmilch, gezuckert
6 egg yolk
some sugar to make a caramel

My leche flan may looked like tae but trust me, they are very creamy and tastes good. I just do not have a good molder hence the appearance but maybe, I can do better next time. Or maybe not still.


So, stomach has been filled, Mira is snoring and I still have some minutes to finish this post before kaboom kaboom and kissing kissing with Mann. To officially sign off for this year, I wish you all Happy New Year!


4 thoughts on “Bye Bye 2015

  1. ditto. i plan to put more effort on my blog this year. *fingers crossed*

    happy new year to you and to your family, karlota! cheers to 2016! =)


  2. Hi Karlota, happy 2016! Just wanted to let you know that you have been a big help in my journey to Germany. Your blog is very informative and fun to read. Hope we can bump into each other sometime. Would love to hear more of your tips on living here. 🙂


    • Would be happy to bump with you and your loved ones too.. if you are ever in dresden or meißen on weekends, let me know. Maybe we can arrange something. Glad to have helped you somehow with my babbles here… 🙂 happy 2016 to you too..

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