The Missus

It’s Snowtime

Whatever you do, DO NOT EAT YELLOW SNOW!!!

That is what Mann kept warning us from just before heading for the playground. But the snow was very fresh so no such thing as yellow snow yet. Not that we ever planned to eat any snow, white or otherwise. Yellow snow by the way means that some dog or other animals peed on it. So if it is black or brown snow? Hmmm…

After 3 years of winter, I have finally made a snowman and it is not even much of a snowman. Did not realize or even think how painful it is to make one without proper gloves. I had in mind to make a baby snowman on a bench and take a picture with Mirang sitting beside it. Of course, my plan did not work out perfectly because snowman was quite sensitive and Mirang kept shaking her head at me after telling her to sit beside the schneemann.

Maybe I can do better again next time. And I am happy to have a daughter otherwise, playing out in the snow will not really interest me being a boring, grumpy adult and all that.



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