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Wanted: IMDS Engineer

It is official, Mann and I have decided that I go for it slowly but surely starting with putting up a profile at Linkedin and Xing. And it is not easy as expected because I couldn’t even find any recent and decent picture of me without this little one here popping up anywhere near my face. So, I have to resort to using pre-Mirang picture and hope that whoever big tae is going to look at my profile (that is, if ever there is a big tae) will not be surprised to meet the real me e.g. more wrinkles (and pimples?) here and there.


So what is this IMDS Engineer about? Fresh from university more than a decade ago (wow, I am that old?, I feel like I am still 22 back when I finally got through school and feel like the world is at the tip of my fingers), I haven’t the foggiest idea as well about this IMDS thingy. But, since I needed a job so I sent out my application via email and some weeks later, I was hired. Everything I know about IMDS, Reach, ELV, BOMs, PLM, Six Sigma, etc., has been taught by the company. They opened their door for me and I was happy enough to return the favor by being a loyal employee till death do us part.

People come and go at the company of course for reasons if not excuses related to salary, career growth, disagreement with supervisors, the feeling of being expendable in times of economic crisis, blah blah blah. I have seen and experience through all their reasons and I can understand them but nevertheless, I chose to stay. What is the problem with me anyway? Let us just say that I was happy enough. I guess you can say that I have no problem finding happiness in my own situation. So, there I was with the same department for more than 8 years and does not have problem being there until I retire even but I wonder now if it was a smart move. I mean, looking at my CV now, it seems so simple and boring with just a paragraph in my employment record. But would I have changed anything knowing what I know now? Probably not because I am who I am. It is as simple as that.

About our latest decision to start searching for job, I have to admit that I am a little bit afraid and excited. Afraid because I have been “institutionalized” in the housewife world already and have find happiness with it but also excited for another change. But it is still a very long road for me because I still would like a second child and prefer being a hands-on mom rather than just putting up my kids in some daycare for strangers to deal with. Or is this me, prolonging the inevitable again? Only this time, I am not sure if it will be with IMDS, the job that I have specialized myself in. Based from my job searches, related jobs tend to be in big cities likes Dresden, Leipzig or somewhere far away in the west of Germany and it is out of the question for me to be hopping on a train back and forth for work. Talk about double work for a salary of one. So, something very local is my next option but nobody does IMDs here in the town mostly filled with aging people. I guess I am back again to that situation where I do not know anything and simply try my luck hoping something will open its door for me. Except that, I am no longer 22.

Thrilling times up ahead again and all because so many question marks everywhere. 🙂


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