Learning to Knit

Mom used to knit bags for mobile phones but I was too busy with nothings to care about knitting then. Worse, I even laughed at her because the picture in my head is that it is something only an Oma will do. And yet, look what I am doing now and still in my 30s. This should teach me NOT to belittle other’s interests because the joke might just be on me.


After having a baby though in Germany, I received socks, scarfs and even sweater for my daughter from Omas in the family and Omas at the 3rd & 4th floor. They are not only soft and perfect for babies but quite effective in keeping babies warm. And yet, I resist the idea of me having to do with it because we got it from Omas here and there so it only reinforced my poor belief about knitting. But I have learned that Omas can be quite unreliable. One moment you see them and the next, they have moved to the cemetery. And since the rate of them changing their home address is getting higher considering their age, I have decided to take up their post to make sure that knitted goodies will continue on for the next generation. How very honourable of me. 🙂

I do not have the luxury of time to go to school just for knitting however but thanks to Sheep and Stitch from youtube, I have learned the basics of knitting and is now on my way to creating rows of knits (and purls) that will hopefully turn into a scarf. I have also signed up for Craftsy and planned to make use of their free mini-class of knitting to create socks. My hope is to be able to know how to read knitting patterns someday so I can create not just scarfs and socks but also sweater, mutze, pullovers, poncho and more. I will of course use this blog as usual to show finished products.

P.S. Important thing I learned about knitting is that if I know how to knit, I should also know how to un-knit. Because I make mistakes (a lot), so own it up and take care of it.


3 thoughts on “Learning to Knit

  1. Ah, Karlota, this is awesome! I’m also learning how to knit. It seems like every woman in my husband’s family knows how to, haha. May I ask where you are learning it from?


    • Youtube shows many videos for basic beginners… and i have signed up at also where they offer free mini-classes… hope to make at least a scarf for the next winter for mirang.. sweater and poncho would have been too ambisyosa of me but who knows.. should keep me a bit less idle being a stay at home mom…


      • Thank you for th recommendation! Yes, I also want to make a scarf since it’s the least complicated. Hope you can update us on your progress! Your knit and purl look so much better than mine when I started, haha. Maybe a sweater or poncho won’t be too ambitious of you. 🙂


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