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A Shoe: My first Knitting Product

Yes, a shoe and it does not even have a pair. I have to park my scarf project for the moment, although quite straightforward compared to a shoe, because I have just become an aunt for the second time around and thought to make something a bit personal for my niece.


I just learned knitting from bits of videos in youtube last week and I thought that after learning knit and purl stitches then that’s it. I have conquered the world of knitting. Boy, was I wrong.

To start with, yarns come in different types, color and weight. And then there are needles of different fatness from 0.7 mm to 25 mm and is made of different materials from aluminum to bamboo and types from circular to double pointies. But before I become completely overwhelmed and call it quits (especially since my big mouth has already started telling everyone that I will be making them some knitted goodies), I thought to just press on anyway and continue to knit and knit.

That is how I was finally able to make this teeny weeny shoe. First mistake is that I did not follow the label. You see, every yarn comes with instructions for how fat the ideal needle should it be used with and of course I followed at first but the first few rows looked too holey and airy and definitely not good for babies so I decided to be an expert and switched to a 3mm needle instead. And tadang, a shoe that does not even fit 13 cm tall Bella.

I definitely have a long way to go still with knitting.


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