Easy Knitted Summer Hat for Toddler

Someone is ready for sunny Asia tomorrow with my knitted summer hat. To think that I almost abandoned the idea because I made some mistakes last night which ended up with me unknitting amd unpurling until 2 in the morning. After seeing how it fits on Mirang though, I felt that my perseverance paid off.


I have signed up at ravelry, a community site for knitters and crocheters, and this is where I saw a free pattern for easy raffled hat for babies by louise felice. It took me some time to study the pattern and see how I can adjust it to Mirang’s head size, my needle and yarn of choice before I was ready to begin with my latest project because I am afraid that some knitting maths is involved.


I am supposed to do my own swatch because my knitting style (I am a loose AND tight knitter depending on my hormonal level on any given day) might not match with that described on the pattern but was too lazy so I used the gauge stated of my yarn instead which is 18M (stitches) in 10 cm. Because I am already familiar with Myboshi cotton-kapok yarn and how stretchy it can be, I decided to subtract some cm from Mira’s head size. So instead of 46, I used 41 cm which I multiply with 1.8 (18 stitches per 10 cm) and arrived at 73.8 or 74. And based from the pattern used, I casted 148 stitches and knit for 4 rows to get the raffles before decreasing to get the target stitches of 74. And voila, a girly summer hat.

P.S. I am happy to sign up at ravelry with so many free patterns available. Excited to try out more.


4 thoughts on “Easy Knitted Summer Hat for Toddler

  1. that’s a really cute hat! although i have to say it doesn’t look “easy.” lol. as far as knitting goes, i can only do scarves. those lacy ones where the yarn’s pretty much a scarf-looking thing already and all i have to do is to knit them together. hehe. but i did enjoy knitting. it’s one of those relaxing things i did during winter a few years ago. i had to stop. because i was making far too many scarves than i could ever use or need. lol.


  2. It suits her so well! That thing about being a loose or tight knitter depending on current hormonal levels is so true, haha. 😀 May I ask where you buy your yarn? I have yet to buy from a store and have used up the ones I brought from Singapore.


    • I order it online from amazon or wollprofis or butinette or myboshi.. or go to hobby shop in dresden… our local netto and kaufland sometimes have yarn also but they mostly call for needles less than 5mm which i am not yet ready to try out…


      • Ohh, okay.. thank you! I’ll check those stores out. I’ve been knitting with 4.5mm needles, and it’s been taking forever to knit something, haha. Thannk you for the recommendations! 🙂


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