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7 Things We Did in Bangkok

Just arrived in Berlin yesterday but since yarns haven’t arrived yet, thought to start writing a post about our trip. Before the whole thing becomes a blur. In summary, team love2type spent about 4 days in Bangkok and then Mann went back to Germany for work while Mira and I flew to Philippines to spend some quality time with lola and lolo for about 2 weeks. Because housewife and kid needed a holiday too without our lovely dicktador.

So without further ado, here are 8 things we did in the land of smiles:

1. Grand Palace

While preparing for our itinerary, I made it clear my 3 simple requests that must be met or else: Cold war baby!!! These requests are, in no particular order; grand palace, tom yum and thai massage.

It is actually my third time to visit Bangkok and yet it was my first time to see Grand Palace. The problem with always putting your companions’ wishes first before yours is that you are left frustrated and full of question marks. Even if they were right and grand palace IS a pain in the butt with so many tourists milling about, but I am happy to finally get that out of my system so I can move on to whatever is my next fad.

grand palace

We hope to avoid taxi and tuktuk drivers as much as posible because you cannot talk with them mostly without getting some help from our hotel people to write our destination down on a paper in thai language. So, as per advise from Swiss Lodge receptionists, we took a metro instead and then a ferry to Grand Palace. Love this alternative.

After an hour or so, we finally got to Grand Palace and OK, next please. The heat was getting on our nerves and Mann started to make a drama over environmental awareness and how we should stay close together under our umbrella going from one shadow to the other. Of course he has a point and means well but who cares? 🙂 I was in the mood to be contradictory at everyone including myself.

2. Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World in Siam Paragon

Because of the heat especially since we were still experiencing winter in Germany, we planned our days to be a mixture of outdoor and indoor activity. Especially since I have to change Mira’s diaper at certain times and mall is the convenient place to do that. And since it is located at the interchange between two different types of metro, Siam Paragon became our mall of Thailand. Here we take our lunch most days at its Foodcourt and was able to enjoy my Tom Yum and sticky rice with mango. Funny though that I find the sticky rice with mango a bit better at Krua Thai Restaurant in Philippines.

At the lower ground of Siam Paragon is the Sea Life Bangkok Ocean World. A little bit pricey at almost a thousand Baht per adult but we enjoyed hearing Mira scream “Tish” every now and then.

sea life

3. Paddle a boat in Lumpini Park

This is one of the things we did in Thailand that I loved. Late in the afternoon when the heat is not burning what brains I have, we rented a boat for about 40 Baht and go paddling around Lumpini Park. We enjoyed feeding fishes too and there are lots of them that Mann was salivating to fish them out by himself. After paddling, we enjoyed taking a walk around the park also and Mira even joined a bit of the marathon that was going on there.


4. Go Fishing at Sakuna Fishing Park

Of course, fishing in Thailand is one of the things that Mann requested to be part of our itinerary or else! And the fishing park we went to is Sakuna. Very local that Mann was the only foreigner there. The place looked a bit rundown and full of mosquitoes but it was interesting to experience it nevertheless. Especially since I was able to try reeling in a huge catfish myself for the first time and it was quite a challege. I can see then why Mann got hooked into this sport.

We had our dinner at this Fishing Park which is a Tilapia Fish and chicken with Cashew Nuts. The fish was lovely but the smell of it tells me that either the oil used was recycled or the pan was used to cook a dried fish first before my Tilapia Fish. The smell wouldn’t have bothered me before because it is what I lived for but after 3 years in Germany where cooking dried fish was prohibited by Dicktatorious Mann, I find the Tilapia fish then a bit bleeh. But thankfully, the dipping it comes with made it bearable. Thai people definitely know how to make a good dipping.


5. Knit in a hotel

What can I say? Knitting is taking over my blogging and gardening. Early in the evening when Mira is fast asleep and Mann wanted to go out for an hour for his Cuba Libre, I enjoy the quiet cool room of our hotel and knit. Happy to be able to rest my feet too after a long day of walking around the city.

As for the mummified Mira, well, that is what happens when mama is away too and papa was in charged.


6. Children’s Discovery Museum

This Museum is near Sakuna Fishing Park so we thought to combine the two together in a day. An early afternoon for Mirang here and a late afternoon for Mann there. Perfect combination except that I do not like this museum much and if someone asked me, I would honestly say to go somewhere else instead. For a museum that supposedly “encourages a hands-on approach to learning”, the atmosphere feels restrictive to me. And I have this feeling that staff are sick of children after having to deal with so many children for hours and hours. But that’s just my point of view of course.

kids museum

7. Get a Thai Massage
I would love to experience a whole body thai massage but did not have the opportunity. At least Mann and I both were able to enjoy a foot massage and all the while we were wondering why we only had one and on our last day too. We should have enjoyed a massage every other day at least. But do not have big regrets because I was so happy with this one time massage after walking for hours trying to find this fishing shop that Mann was horny for.

Thailand is a nice country but I am not a first timer anymore that I would go insanely gaga over every trinkets I see in the markets, foods in the restaurant and historical buildings or temples. It was nice to be there but cannot wait to move on to our next itinerary. So, without much backward glance except to wave goodbye at Mann, Mira and I were off to the second part of our holiday: Pinoyland.


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