Matching Sets for the Nephew

Slowly but surely, I am keeping up with my knitted promises. And I am happy to finally have a skill that can be used to create something and use as a gift. Because I suck in giving gifts. My modus operandi is to not give at all if possible because too much headache about what to buy and what not to buy, blah blah, blah. It does not help that I am a freaking cheapskate too.

But since I became addicted to knitting, I finally have a bit of me to give. And that is time in the form of my knitted stuff. A bit meaningful at least in my opinion compared to store-bought stuff where the price can be googled as well. But I still suck in wrapping it up nicely in pretty boxes and ribbons so it is safe to say that I am still me. 🙂


Anyway, the most difficult part encountered in making this sets is the color. I wanted it to be playful but a bit maturish and fashionable which is really a problem for me judging from my own wardrobe. I have to look at many pictures of knitted sets to get some ideas. Finally, I settled with myboshi’s multicolor eisbär and plain gray. The rest was easy peasy with basketweave design for scarf and ribbing style for the hat using a circular needle. I thought to use a loom ring at first but I discarded the idea because they are not that versatile.

Doesn’t my nephew looked like a model in this picture? I am happy at least that it fits him especially the hat. The scarf can be longer than 6 dupas of my hand though. I know, why use dupa instead of my measuring tape? I didn’t realized it until my sister brought it to my attention. I am that weird.

So, that is done for my nephew until next time when I ran out of the people I wanted to knit something for. There are three of them left actually who is next in line: a cardigan for my daughter, a hat for hubby and a surprise number for friend lenlen.


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