I Knitted My First Cardigan

After almost a month of working with it, I have finally finished a cardigan and feeling very happy and accomplished! Charoot! It is supposed to be a long sleeved one though but my head was swimming with so many ideas of new things I wanted to try, learn and knit that I was so eager to cut this short. Anyway, it will be summer soon. 🙂

I still cannot believe that I was able to finish it and I feel like if I can do this, everyone else can for as long as one is really interested to do this. To start with, I have VeryPink to thank for especially the cardigan and pullover youtube tutorial series. It gives me the overall idea of how to do about it and the rest are just details.

My lovely Mann bought me this 500m long yarn from Kaufland and thought that it is a good thing to try on for a cardigan although it calls for a 3.5mm needle. But since I was complaining of how quickly I can finish a project with thick yarns that I feel like I haven’t had enough of knitting so I was excited to try this thin yarn and be knitting MORE! But as usual, my mouth ran much faster than I can actually knit and had to eat my words. Again.


To start this project, I made measurements of my daughter’s pullover. Forget about the gauge. I am just too lazy for that. Then I casted 76 stitches for the neckline and start working on K2, P2 ribbing with K5 at the beginning and end of every row for the “border”. To add buttonholes, I do a K2, YO, K2together and K1 within one side of the border. To make this a bit less complicated, here is the pattern using a straight needles:

R1: K5 (border), K2,P2 (ribbing until last 5 stitches), K5 (border)
R2: K5 (border), P2,K2 (ribbing until last 5 stitches), K5 (border)
R3: Repeat R1
R4: Repeat R2
R5: K2,YO,K2tog,K1 (to add buttonhole within the border), K2,P2 (ribbing until last 5 stitches), K5 (border)
R6: Repeat R2
R7: Repeat R1

Collar is done, so time to divide for the front, sleeves and back which is just a matter of placing markers so you know where to do the increase. This increase thingy is called Raglan increase.
R8: K5 (border), P10 (front), K1, PM (place marker), K1, P6 (Sleeve), K1, PM (place marker), K1, P26 (back), K1, PM, K1, P6 (sleeve), K1, PM, K1, P10 (front), K5 (border)

Then the actual Raglan increase which calls for Kfb (knit front and back of the same stitch) every second stitch BEFORE and AFTER a marker. The rest is knitting the right side of the piece and purling the wrong side of the piece. The verypink youtube videos will show the details. So continue with this Raglan increase until I got the required length of shoulder to armpit and then transfer the sleeves to a scrap yarn and continue with the front and back without forgetting the border and buttonholes after every 9 ridges.


And viola, my short sleeved cardigan. It is actually a bit loose for my daughter but that is fine with me because I still do not know how the material will shrink after washing. And below is a picture of my daughter modeling it whether she likes it or not. Poor thing have to suffer with more homemade stuff from now on I guess. 🙂


Now that is done, I can finally work on a mütze for Mann because I am curious to try fair isle technique for the first time. And before I forget, I would like to thank my sponsor, Mann, for the yarn and for promising to provide me 50,000 grams more of it. And mind you, he did not specify any brands or price. Just the grams. And of course I am happy that he does not tell me that I CAN’T BUY yarn otherwise I will feel trapped.


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