Something Fishy with Fair Isle Knitting

Mann cannot escape as well from my homemade knitting stuff. Since I cannot knit him a pullover (just imagine the amount of yarns and hours of labor), at least I made a beanie for him where I tried fair isle technique for the first time to make it a bit more personal. It is fitting I guess, a fishy beanie for my fisherman.


Again, verypink youtube series gave some tips. Important is to keep the floats at the wrong side a bit loose so it does not get too bunched up. Design was made on a graphic paper and a block means a stitch of a specific color. Easy peasy.


I’d say that the mütze does not look that bad for a first timer. I can see a fish after all but it is not that smooth or 101% perfect so I wouldn’t want to think about selling it or giving one away.

Now I can check a fair isle mütze away from my list and currently working on a koralle colored yarn though I still do not know exactly what it would be: either a sweater or a poncho maybe, with cable design or again with fair isle? The beauty of being a Filipino sometimes, just doing something without any plans set on stone yet. I would have wanted to start knitting a baby cocoon but I am not yet bloody pregnant and I am growing older by the day. Grrrr.

P. S. It is my first time to try red heart brand that I ordered online from and I must say that I love their comfy wool line with 100% wool. Can’t wait to try their other products.


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