Double Braid Cabled Poncho, Raglan Style

The best part of knitting for me is at the beginning and at the end. At the beginning is where I am excited to set my idea in motion and at the end is where that idea is finally realized. The middle part is just boring and full of doubts wondering if my yarn is enough, if it will fit and so on.

Plus, I tend to have a problem with myself. I tend to think and act like I am an expert already. Sometimes, it worked to my advantage but most often than I care to admit, it does not.


I started this project without any patterns to follow or whatsoever thinking that I will be able to make a cable design out of the top of my head. Because I am an expert. And it turned out that I wasted some precious meter of yarn. It would kill me to admit though that Mann is correct again (ego is already 2 feet taller than him after all), that planning for everything is a must. But even though I know that he is correct, I do not have big regrets. I still prefer to do it my way, to learn my mistake in my own time and deal with it myself. Because I feel more alive that way. And if things get out of hand and I am drowning from my own mess (something which I would hate to admit also), I know that my back is covered. I have my Mann.

Enough of this bullsh*t. I already knitted a short-sleeved cardigan in the raglan way and thought that if I will just continue the raglan and not divide the sleeve from the body then I will end up with a poncho. Easier said than done. I was working with more than 300 stitches per row and my yarn is getting smaller with each row. Not to mention my poor poor fingers. But in the end, it was the boredom that decided for me. I have had enough and wanted to work with something new again. So, I got a mini-poncho instead.

My next lesson to learn is to love my own finished work.

P.S. I love how it looked if kfb is done immediately a stitch before and after a marker.


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