Chocolate Chip Muffin at Krabbelngruppe

Mirang attends Krabbelngruppe twice a week. For housewives in Germany who does not want to unleash their child at daycare centers or Kinderkrippe, Krabbelngruppe is an option where mother or father (or lola, lolo and maybe all of the aforementioned) and their tots (aged 0 bis 3) can go together for an hour so tots can maybe play with other tots and parents can gossip with other parents. Some institutions offer this hourly session for free while others charged 1,50 to 2 Euro per kid. It would have been nice to have a krabbelngruppe everyday from Monday to Friday but available schedules being offered is not friendly and some institutions are miles and miles away. After googling for availability, I am happy that we found two at least within our area.


Krabbelngruppe usually involves singing, book reading, playing and recess (Mirang’s favorite time). And since the weather is quite lovely nowadays, recess is a picnic style thing where everyone brings out their food for sharing. Mine is this chocolate chip muffins. The other kids love my muffins too so I am thinking of making one every week. And to make sure I will not forget how I made this one, this blog post will help me remember. This receipe is actually adapted from Little Sweet Baker’s Bakery Style Chocolate Chip Muffins with some tweaks like changing butter to oil instead.


So, here is the recipe being used:

300g all-purpose flour
10g backpulver
2g salt
114g oil
200g granulated sugar
3 eggs
250ml Lactose-free Vollmilch (whole milk)
100g chocolate chips

I mixed all the liquid ingredients first and then slowly but surely add in the solids. The oven was preheated to 200C and after dividing the batter in 6 big muffin molders, I baked them at 200C for 5 minutes before turning down the temp to 180C until done. I have to monitor the muffins closely in this part to make sure that it is still a bit soft before taking them out for further cool down where it hardens up naturally by itself but not making it taste dry.

That’s it for my muffin until next Thursday.


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