Tourist Schengen Visa to Germany

Parents are flying to Deutschland in two weeks!!!

I feel happy and proud that Mann and I were able to help them with the visa and soon will be able to show them my new home and country.  This event is something that will happen just once most probably given the distance, the cost and not to mention, their advance years of decay, so we will try to make it as memorable as possible. 

About schengen visa, my sister from Belgium sent papers 3 months ago, as part of the requirements for inviting family members to visit them and witness their church wedding.  Their visa application got rejected.  It came out as a big shock to all of us and with it a question mark.  I mean, if they cannot see that an applicant has true intentions in coming over to Europe, it is likely that they cannot see as well when the applicant has false intentions.

But you know, whatever! It still does not help the situation that we wanted our parents here for some days. So, with just about a month left before the planned date of arrival, we thought they should try with the German Embassy also.  I mean, it is now or never because my sister will only get married once (errrr twice) and what have they got to lose anyway?

So, off they flew to Manila again for their interview at German Embassy on one fine Tuesday morning. My parents were a bit hopeful still but feeling somewhat tired from all the process considering that applying at German Embassy is still not a 100% sure thing due to the following:

1. My parents do not have a formal obligation but they have at least bank statement of account which shows that parents have more than 45euro to spend per day per person for the duration of their trip.

2. My parents are both officially unemployed but at least they have land title to show as proof of their ties to Philippines.

3. They just applied schengen visa 2 months ago at Belgium embassy and what if they will be blacklisted as visa shoppers?

So much worries but in the end, my parents received their passport with multiple entry VISA after only THREE f*cking days. How cool is that?

Everyone was so emotionally overwhelmed but thanks to Mann, he got everything planned quickly and was able to book their tickets for a stay of 26 days in Europe.  And if everything goes well, my parents will be able to see not just Deutschland but also Belgium, France, Italy and Netherlands within that span of time as well as celebrate with us my father’s birthday, our 3rd wedding anniversary and of course, attend my sister’s wedding in Belgium.

P.S. I have Easytravel to thank for helping us with the flight reservation and travel insurance as part of the requirement for schengen visa.

2nd Flr GMC Alpha Arcade
ML Quezon National Highway, Pajo
Lapu-Lapu City, 6015 Cebu
Phone : ++63 (32) 340.1424
Tel/Fax: ++63 (32) 495.4722


8 thoughts on “Tourist Schengen Visa to Germany

  1. I guess its a Filipino mentality to ask someone to do its travel or immigration papers (kala kasi nila mahirap), I know a lot who did it here and it cost then dearly and its a waste of time. For me I do it on my own first its faster, you have privacy and it cost nothing anyways all embassy have phone numbers and its free to call and ask


  2. hello! I have a bf in Germany and he is planning to visit my Dec.or Jan.and we are planning to visit the German Embassy in we have to call the call center for appoinment or we can jsut walk in becasue i have my german bf with me so we can ask about what is the easiest way for me to file so i can go to it finacee or tourist visa and by the way i have already been visited him ladt middle Aug.and Sept for torusit visa but need to go back home follow the rules.Now,my question is do we need to have appointment so we can visit the Emabssy in Manila?


    • you need to make an appointment for visa applications.. as for any other purposes, i am not sure. you can read the website of german embassy in manila to be informed in advance.


  3. Hello po.. Goodday,
    I need your help .. I already got an appointment this coming june.. I have already the reference no. And the record no. that i need.. But im so confused .. The call center agent said that i dont need to fill up application form online and also the declaration.. Am i not required to fill up a form online? Anyone here Please i need ur answer,, if u still filled up application form online, even you got already an appoinment .. thanks..


    • I am not sure if there is new update to the process but i printed out the application form and filled up the form as what i read in the embassy as part of the requirement as well as the declaration. I wanted to have a copy of my own. when you arrive in the embassy, i think they give you another copy of the application form which was already filled up and computerized based from the answers you gave them during the appointment call. But at least you have a back up application form in case it is needed needed. Goodluck


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