Potato Plants in Container

Parents are arriving tomorrow and I am supposed to clean up and hide my collection of vibbys and other silly stuff but I tend to procrastinate, so here I am in my balkon spending time with my plants.

I wanted my balkon to be pretty pretty when my parents are here but due to strong winds lately, my potato plants looked quite pitiful. This one will not win any beauty award for sure. Since bakukang started creeping up in my brain just by looking at my plants, thought to pull them out and replace them all.


And I did just that until I saw these cute golden eggs underneath all that dirt. They are small of course considering the size of the container but, nevertheless, healthy looking and I am in love. I could stare at them for hours.

But since its not yet officially harvest time and I do need to hide my toys, so I put them golden nuggets back to the soil again and here I am now, making a blog about the whole thing. 🙂

Planting potatoes are quite easy and good alternative to filling up empty containers. Especially if you do not want to shell out precious euro to buy plants. This potato planting is just a test and since it worked out quite well, definitely be planting one again next summer.


Okay okay, clean up time.

P.S. Why is rice a staple food of Filipinos? Maybe Filipinos should start to open up to possibilities and eat potatoes also once in a while considering that it is much healthier and I think requires lesser drama as planting rice.


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