The Missus

3rd Year Wedding Anniversary

We are back in Wasserburg where our wedding was held and this time, with my parents…


Compared to my parent’s 34 years of being together where it is a norm to hear mom call my father as “kimpang” (cripple) and in response, my father would call my mom as “tiguwang” (hag), our 3 years together with Mann is still negligible. Although I still am not sure if calling each other with certain names, the way my parents do, is not disrespectful but somehow, my parents learned to take things in stride, laughed with each other and moved on.

And moving on they did with the next threat of slapping mom’s face and mom’s response of kicking pap’s crippled feet when it came to father’s speech on my sister’s wedding. I just shook my head with confusion over how they managed to be together still after all these years but they understood each other somehow and that is enough. It’s not necessary for anyone else to understand their relationship anyway.


When I looked at my own marriage, I have my parents’ as my benchmark with time as my gauge. I am sure that difficult as well as happy times lie ahead but I believe that everything will be just fine for my own little family as well.

The weather was not so nice on the day of our anniversary but at least we got our mandatory family pictures and small walking tour around the schwiegermutter’s town. Lunch was held at my favorite Ratskantine and dinner at home was simple with pancit and humba (cooked by eltern) and a kirche kuchen (made by the schwiegermutter).


So, 3 years is down and I am happy that my parents were with us and that they were able to meet Mann’s mutter too. Unfortunately, parents were not able to meet Mann’s schwester but just as well because parents were sleeping in her bedroom. 🙂


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