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Eltern in Germany

And in Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, France and the Czech Republic. They have visited 6 countries in Europe and has long since travelled back to Philippines but until now, I am still puzzled as to how they have somehow managed to do all these without missing trains and planes. Because the way I see them do things, as soon as they are in the airport, one of them will immediately fall in line at the first queue they saw while the other will go check at some things in case they are wrong. And they are ALWAYS wrong of course but somehow, luck was on their side because flights have been delayed which gives them more time to make up for their mistake. I call it a miracle.


Everyone is tired of course the whole time my parents are with us especially Mann from all that driving but we all got through it in one piece. Having parents with us for the first time is both fun and a pain in the butt at the same time. Annoying because they are set on their ways and they have so many questions which can be quite distracting. But it was fun because it feels like a one complete big family with oma and opa around.


Although I was looking forward to the day that they will fly back to Philippines but we actually missed them when they were gone. It was like, waking up the next day to a very quite apartment and hoping to see something that they might have forgotten to make me think that they have not really gone yet. But they were away and to keep myself from being completely sad, Mira and I had to do our usual routine just to keep us preoccupied.


And yes, Mira missed the oma and opa too. She was pulling her little pinky suitcase as we went out for grocery that very next day after driving them to the airport and kept on saying oma and opa.

My parents kept on asking us when we will have our holiday again in Philippines and as of the moment, we are a bit vague on our answer. Because the reality is that, it would probably cost us about 10,000 Euro the next time we do and that is a lot of money.


Not seeing the grandparents often is one of the sad facts of life when the family lives far away from them. But at least my parents still have their youngest child who fortunately, just want to live with my parents for as long as possible. 🙂


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