Practicing Chocolate Cupcake


So, I think I got the chocolate cupcake done but the icing looked blehh.  

Days from now, my daughter will turn 2 (that fast seriously?!) and my torte baking skills is still rated 1.  And like any normal people out there, I thought to postpone practicing until I really really have to.  Frankly, I have no problem buying a ready-made torte but besonderer Mann would yak and yak like there is no tomorrow and besides, Mann’s family will be with us too and I have this feeling they will look down on me if I cannot nail this torte down.  

For this practice, I have decided to try out as much of the cupcake recipes being shared by  Why? Because I already tried most of her muffin recipe and I was satisfied with the result so maybe the cupcake will end up great as well. 

And they did except that I hate frostings and the applications of one.  I do not know how many times I asked myself if I will be guillotined for the absence of it but what is a birthday cake without that happy sweet swirling stuff?  But at least nobody can blame me for not trying.  In the end, before frustrations got the best of me and started throwing stuff, Mann suggested that her sister can perhaps have the honour of making one instead.  

Wheww! But why couldn’t Mann ever think of that from the beginning and saved me the trouble in the first place?  Grrr.. 

Better late than never I guess but if there is any lessons I have learned from all that practicing is that, Mira will just have to learn to forgive Mama’s lack of skill just as I have forgiven my own mother.  


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