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Happy Birthday: Mirang at 2


Has it been 2 years already since I gave birth that first time? Seems like it was just yesterday when we came back from the hospital with a 51 cm baby and now she is fast reaching 90 cm with a strong personality already of her own. But she cannot always be my baby so its good to document how the event went for me to reminisce one day.


And it was a fine birthday celebration if you ask me. For one thing, I was not sick this time and feeling miserable more than usual. The day started with a walk around the area and Mira had fun playing with the neighbor’s cat. Then we went to this ostrich farm and had a delicious ostrich sausage for lunch. Later on, we enjoyed the pflaumenkuchen made by the tante before heading for a swim and fishing in the lake. As you can see from the pictures, there is nothing fancy about the whole event and by fancy I mean, spending hundreds of euros just to get that sense of being “special” and “loved”.


If there is one thing I would like to change though from the day, it would be that ugly pflaumenkuchen. But since I am not a great cook myself, there is nothing much I can really do about the whole thing. Hopefully at least, Mira will learn that birthdays are not about cake but about the people around her on that day. She has to because otherwise, she will be forever disappointed at Mama for not knowing much.

P.S. Who would have thought that there were three of us blowing that candle together on that day?


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday: Mirang at 2

  1. Wow, turns 2 already. It feels like I read your post about pregnancy not long time ago, but she turns 2 now. Wow. Awesome. Happy birthday to the cute baby girl, wish all the happiness and blessing. 🙂


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