Crochet: My Latest Passion

I once knitted a matching set of beanie and cowl for my nephew but I got depressed with the result. Somehow, I was very sure my nephew will not like it and thought of dumping it in the bin instead of giving it was tempting. Made me question myself on why I bother doing this shit in the first place when it is so easy to get a matching set and they are 100x more lovely too. I mean why do we do the things we do and for what?

Mann suggested to find a new hobby to help divert my attention but the thing is that I do love making kuri-kuri with my hands. The problem is that the things I made does not look like anyone would wish to have them. Not even myself.


And then my brain decided to flip and thought to give crochet a chance again. The idea was not easy to swallow at first because I specifically remember telling myself before to stay away from crochet for one reason or another.

But crochet I did and have been happily doing it for two weeks now. I wonder though if I am happy because it is the “new” thing.

Anyway, the thing I love about crochet is that a single row could be already be a cm wide so a cardigan can be finished in just a day or two instead of weeks. So it is not as monotonous compared to knitting. And then finally, I can do sleeves, mittens and everything else that would have required more than two DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLES if I were to knit them. I am just too clumsy for that kind of shit. And more importantly, I like the things I made so far.

The dress in the picture was made from following through WoolyWondersCrochet in Youtube. Dress is for my niece who will be turning 1 soon. I hope she finds the dress useful. I plan to crochet a matching cardigan, a beanie, and a cowl to go with it as well. That should keep me busy for days to come. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Crochet: My Latest Passion

  1. Looks amazing! 🙂 You are actually very good at knitting and crochet, based on the pieces you have made. I have been knitting for months and I haven’t made anything useful. 😀 Are there any specific sites or videos you can recommend for learning how to crochet?


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