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Birthday: Mann at 43

Mann turned 43 today. I wish I could skip the day because I simply do not know what to do with ANY events. I suck on things like this. Back in the old days, my sister would think of things to do and I will just contribute my share of the expenses and that’s it. My job is done as a member of the family. But now, well, H E L P! I’m lost here.


The day so far is business as usual for Mann who is at work since 8 in the morning. Meanwhile, Mira and I went to buy some stuff so I can make THE delicious birthday kuchen. Has to be rhabarber of course because it is my favorite and that means, more for me. 🙂 Wait, is it my birthday or his?

Anyway, as for gifts? Hmm. Mira and I did sing a happy birthday song but avoided giving papa a birthday kiss because Mira and I are both sick. And I did knit / crochet a beanie and cowl for him as gift. Otherwise, that’s basically it. I’m a fun person aren’t I?

As for birthday wishes, I wish him good health and for him to continue what he does best as a father and husband, because so far, ich bin ganz zufrieden. No serious trauma yet or whatsoever.



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