The Blog
Bored with easy peasy blogspot, Karlota decided to try her hand on WordPress and out came Love 2 Type, a personal blog. Different people uses different means of relieving stress like boxing, fishing or yoga perhaps but hers would be typing. She feels good hammering the keyboard.

Her native tongue is Bisaya so English grammar might be off now and then.  Currently, she is learning German also. Her opinions / views / beliefs may at times contradict with yours but please do remember that she didn’t write this blog with you in mind.


The Blogger
Karlota is a 30ish Filipina who moved to Germany for family reasons.  The family tend to travel around for business reasons but in between, Karlota keeps herself busy with several part time jobs:  housewifing (oh oh),  blogger (ahhhhh), mother (yippee), balcony gardening (olala), mental patient (shhhhhh).

13 thoughts on “About

  1. unique and interesting introduction. i like it, especially “warning” part
    “I don’t profess to be an English native speaker so please don’t be too critical with my grammar. I get confused with “in” and “on” as it is.”–> count me in. hehehehe


  2. Wonderful blog, Karlota! Thanks for dropping by mine and the follow. My native tongue is Bisaya also, so we’re on the same page here. Good luck to you there! 🙂


  3. Thank you for the likes and visiting my blogsite. Hope you did enjoy reading my posts. I will try to read your journals too! Thanks again.


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  5. Hi Karlota,
    Thank you for following my blog. In a similar way you too are like me living as a migrant in a developed country and enjoying the comforts of living many back home can only dream of. I hope through your blog you can continue sharing you experiences living in Germany and perhaps find ways to help the many still looking to enjoy the same quality of life we are fortunate to have.


  6. You and Mann remind so much of my husband and I. He’s German too and I’m Filipina and we’re Canadian. He also wore a barong for our wedding. We went on our honeymoon 5 years after we got married and travelled to Palawan where we fell in love with the place so much we’re planning to move there. Congratulations on your first anniversary!


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